8 Non-Christmas-y Movies You Can Watch This Season

One too many mistletoe-references already? Binge-watch with these non-yuletide treats that'll still warm the heart or raise your blood pressure.
by Patty Lazatin   |  Dec 22, 2014
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  1. The Star Wars Trilogies. If you're feeling: challenge. Six movies all in a row? Why not! Get ready for episode 7 next year by brushing up on all things George Lucas (probably not in one night, though). Watch it chronologically by story (1-6) or by release date (4-6 then 1-3). You'll be doing Yoda-speak for a bit after.

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    Runner-Up: If your dad's not a fan, perhaps he's a Trekkie? Re-watch the new Star Trek movies back to back. Your dad will remember the good old days while you enjoy Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and of course, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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  2. That Thing You Do (1996). If you're feeling: totally retro. Get your parents interested in sitting down for a movie with you by telling them it's set in "their era." Focusing on a pop group that just made it big, called The Wonders, watch your parents reminisce about record players and the music of their youth. You'll be singing along to the song before you know it.

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    Runner Up: Need more retro musicals in your life? See Zac Efron sing with a lot of Hairspray on.

  3. The Parent Trap (1998). If you're feeling: like you miss your long lost twin sister. It happens, right? Get the shivers as you hear the words "(introducing) Lindsay Lohan" and watch her play long lost twin sisters who finally meet at summer camp and plot a way to try to get their parents back together. Now go practice that handshake.

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    Runner-Up: Remember when the Olsen twins were actresses? See the campy It Takes Two,where the twins play long lost strangers trying to match-make their dad and their caseworker. Boy, does that sound eerily familiar.

  4. Spirited Away (2001). If you're feeling: like going on an adventure. See Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece about a girl named Chihiro who gets sucked into a magical world while moving to a new home with her parents. This movie became so big in Japan, Disney actually released it in the US with English translations. You'll be Googling hidden themes and fun facts after for sure.

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    Runner-Up: Still by Miyazaki, My Neighbor Totoro has similar themes to Spirited Away but with a more old-school vibe.

  5. Big Fish (2003). If you're feeling: one part magical, two parts nostalgic. Jump into the world of Edward Bloom and his amazing life story—or at least how he tells it to his son, who can't quite believe his dad's adventures. Every scene is so beautiful, you'll be screen-capping your way through the movie. Plus a field of yellow daffodils is always a good thing. Right, Lorelai?

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    Runner-Up: For more things you can't believe to be true, check out Neil Gaiman's novel turned movie, Stardust for flying pirates, shooting stars and things that make you go wow.

  6. Enchanted (2007). If you're feeling: a New York state of mind. Sometimes all you need is a little NYC-love to get you through the holidays and since we're stuck at home instead of checking out the Rockefeller Christmas tree, comfort yourself with this Disney sing-along movie, with a fairytale ending. You know when Patrick Dempsey says, "Welcome to New York," you're totally thinking of Taylor Swift, right?

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    Runner-Up: Still need more NYC in your life? Watch a very young Josh Hutcherson fall in love for the first time in Little Manhattan.

  7. Iron Man series. If you're feeling: combative. The holidays can get a little tense with everyone being in closed quarters for so long. So let some steam off by watching the first, second, or third Iron Man or all three if you have lots of time to kill! With Tony Stark's witty barbs and lots of explosions, you can let the drama play out on screen instead of in your living room. And you can never have too much of RDJ.

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    Runner-Up: Try The Avengers for more action, more eyecandy, (Hello, Captain America!) and more Loki. Yes, you know Tom Hiddleston is a separate reason.

  8. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). If you're feeling: hipster before hipster was hipster. With Wes Anderson's aesthetics and George Clooney's voice, you'll have a riot watching this book adaptation of animals trying to protect their home from evil farmers who are trying to destroy their land. Plus, the Fox family is adorable complete with made-up games like whackbat.

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    Runner-Up: Still need more stop-motion in your life? Re-watch The Lego Movie (which simulates stop motion) from earlier this year. You know you can't say no to more Chris Pratt.


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