8 Movies That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

Hearts day is coming, and it's time to believe in magic and love once again.
by Nicole Chiang   |  Feb 7, 2016
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  1. Love Rosie

    Something always ends up going wrong when you think Alex and Rosie are finally going to get their happily ever after. They're obviously meant for each other, thing is, sometimes, we may have already encountered The One, but it's just not yet the right time. Maybe 5 years from now, when you’ve seen more of life and have matured and grown, you'll meet each other again and things will finally work out. One thing this movie will show you is that when it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

  2. #WalangForever

    How far are you willing to sacrifice yourself just to prove your love to someone? Despite knowing the pain she would be putting herself into, Mia pushes herself to not let go anymore. For the second time around, they've grown to become better individuals. Like Love, Rosie, things may not have previously worked out for them, but when you're meant to be, fate will eventually bring you back together no matter what. Get ready, because Mia and Ethan's unconditional love will definitely clench your heart.

  3. Upside Down

    This modern twist to the renowned case of forbidden love is nothing short of incredible. Adam and Eve are two worlds apart, and their secret meetings always make you hold your breath. Is this finally the time when their secret will finally be discovered? In this day and age, when you firmly believe that boys are all jerks, Adam is there to show you that there are still guys out there like him. Your heart will melt at the lengths he went through all in the name of love.  

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  4. One More Chance

    The problems this couple face are just so realistic that you can't help but feel like the movie was made just for you. Maybe love wasn't as smooth-sailing for you as you thought it would be, and really? That's just okay. Relationships face troubles in the real world. Everything is not all flowers and chocolates. There are times when you will just hit rock bottom and all you have to do is let time heal all wounds. Popoy and Basha will show you how love can bring you back together when the right time comes.

  5. A Second Chance

    The story of Popoy and Basha continues on to the next stage of their relationship, and just when you thought that they already got their happily ever after, this movie will tell you otherwise. They tell a story on the struggles of married life. They go through problems that every married couple encounters, and there is so much more to a relationship than just love. But you'll realize in the end, that when all else fails, their love will endure, and it will eventually help them inch their way back together.

  6. Age of Adaline

    A movie with an unusual storyline, Adaline abstains herself from any romantic relationship because she doesn’t age. There are too many risks involved when she allows herself to love. The last time she indulged her own feelings, she ended up hurting herself and the man she loved. Time goes by and so many years have already passed. She gets another chance at love. Her journey to love and be loved will restore your faith in possibilities.

  7. The Notebook

    Love manages to surprise us in ways that are not always pleasant. Things don't always go the way we want them to. When Nicholas Sparks weaves a tale of forbidden love, the struggles the characters go through constantly pinch our hearts. The classic scene under the rain depicts just how much they love each other, and how external circumstances fight against their fate. In the end, however, love once again overpowers everything else, and no matter what happens, it will always exist between them.

  8. Letters to Juliet 

    Journeying in the quest of finding back a long lost love, Sophie is a firm believer of all things romantic. When she finds a mysterious and traditional love letter, she is determined to discover the roots of all this. Just like her, we girls love the idea of sweet romance, but if it works out for others, how sure are we that it will happen to our own lives? Sophie’s faith in love will make convince us to believe in that uncertainty.


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