8 Fan Fiction Stories We Wish Would Get Movie Adaptations

by Alyssa Jose   |  May 7, 2015
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We absolutely love our fan fiction and we'd love to see these guilty pleasures of ours come to life, just like the One Direction fanfic After. A fandom's creativity can go a long way, and it can even take them to the big screen!

 1  Frozen Heart by awesomesauce90

Frozen GIFvia frozenheadcannons.tumblr.com

We're going gaga over how Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Elsa from Frozen are just perfect for each other.  Everyone has been rooting for this "cool" OTP since forever and we'd definitely love to finally see Elsa happy in love! To Dreamworks and Disney: Please make this ship sail!

 2  A One Direction/The Hunger Games Cross Over by furtivesoul

Harry Styles GIFvia teendotcom.tumblr.com


Can you imagine Harry Styles fighting to the death in the Hunger Games arena? Now that would be interesting to see! He may not emerge as the victor but this lad has already won our hearts over.

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 3  Broken by _PJF4E_

Logan Lerman GIFvia sagasmaniac.tumblr.com

Just imagine cuties Logan Lerman and Chris Evans in one movie. Major kilig alert, right? Broken tells the story of how Percy Jackson joins the Avengers after the giant war. Percy will surely do great because we all know he's a natural. We would love to see him save the world with the whole squad. Just by the looks of it, it's going to be one epic movie.

 4  Tune This! by Orderofthebloodyentrail

Pitch Perfect GIFvia picgifs.tumblr.com

watch now

We miss Glee badly and we just can't wait for Pitch Perfect 2 (fast forward to May 13 please!) What do you think will happen when the Bellas meet the New Directions? We can already imagine a diva-off between Amy and Mercedes. This talented bunch will definitely get us singing along to their stellar performances. 

 5  The Astronauts by Silvija

5SOS GIFvia gif-5SOS.skyrock.com

Huge 5 Seconds of Summer fans Lucy, Emma, and Ella start a band called The Astronauts. One day, everything changes for them as 5SOS sends them an e-mail asking them to be their front act for their world tour. Just imagine touring with your favorite band. This will surely be a treat to all 5SOS fans.

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 6  Augustus Waters, An Inerasable Mark by CheniceAmelia

Shailene Woodley GIFvia rebloggy.com


As if all the crying you did after reading The Fault In Our Stars was not yet enough! This fanfic tells the story of Hazel Grace three months after Gus died. We all know Hazel's a fighter but losing the love of your life must be the toughest. We'd love to see girl crush Shailene Woodley appear again as Hazel Grace and give her some justice. Try not to cry this time, okay? Okay.

 7  My Four by rebecca32400

Divergent GIFvia maximumpop.co.uk

We can't get enough of Tris and Four and we'd definitely love to see more of them. The few kilig moments in Divergent and Insurgent were just not enough for our #FourTris shipping hearts. And can we just say that we're always in for a Theo James movie? 

 8  Right Now by Arleta

Taylor Swift Harry Styles GIFvia tswizzlehelps.tumblr.com

The Haylor ship didn't sail that long but that doesn't stop us from loving their match made in heaven. We all knew they were trouble when they walked in our hearts because we can never handle how this ship ended so soon. Thank God for fanfictions that keep Haylor shippers alive. Taylor Swift plus One Direction in a movie? That is our ultimate dream!

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Which fan fiction stories would you want to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. :)

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