8 Things You Might Not Know About LANY's New Album

Here's what we found out at LANY's press con!
by Yana Kalaw, Rejina Maree Catapang   |  Aug 6, 2017
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LANY is Paul Klein (lead vocalist), Jake Goss (drummer), and Les Priest (guitarist). With three EPs under their belt, there is much anticipation for their full album, which they just released in July. Having such raw and emotion-filled songs, it's no wonder that fans adore them.

With each sold-out show they perform, you can see how passionate they are in what with they do. "Success for us is anywhere in the world and where we play. We think we're already successful and we just wanna reach more people and play more shows and make people happy as possible," Paul said at LANY's press con for their Ayala Malls shows last Friday. We found these eight facts from their latest self-titled album straight from the boys.

  1. Their songs have a lot of feels.

The album came from their heart. There's no doubt about it. Jake said, "You asked us what we were thinking [while making the album], but a lot of times we're not. [It's more of] what we're feeling." In writing their songs, they just let their feelings do the talking.

  1. Some of the songs in the album are from discovering new things.

When you let your feelings talk, you tend to discover new things. Take it from Jake who said that "no songs are fully accidental. We just like discovering things." This is in the sense that they love creating new content for their album.

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  1. The album is pro-family, pro-team.

Jake's heart tattoo with the word "parents" written in the middle is already a sign that he's close to his folks. That's why it's no surprise that one of their songs, entitled "Parents," includes the voicemail of Jake's mom.

  1. The album followed a 15-month process.

Paul said "Our debut album is kind of a combination of 15 months of song writing, being on and off the road. And it was super important to us to put out a debut album that has a lot of new material and it wasn't just a collection of our EPs or our most popular songs. We thought our fans deserved more than that."

  1. Their fans are one of their sources of inspiration.

The trio are both thankful and blown away on how their fans engage and get excited over the little things. The boys never expected that the fans they believed are just a "few" grew into a massive crowd. That's why the boys worked pretty hard dedicated everything for their fans.


  1. Everything is based on their life experiences.

Basically, composing songs are every artist's way of sharing their lives. The guys admit that their album is definitely about them and the best representation of who they are. For them, most of the songs really mean a lot to them which are also personal such as "Overtime," "13," and "Hericane and Tampa."

  1. Some of the album ideas came out while doing their routines.

Other artists usually have their concepts inside the studio sessions or during work hours. Paul, who revealed that he takes a shower three to four times a day, said that all his good ideas come out while he's in the shower.

  1. LANY is now available for download!

Their debut album is now available in the Philippines. The album includes smash hit "ILYSB," "Good Girls," and their latest single "SUPER FAR." You can download their music on Spinnr.ph and iTunes. You can also stream SUPER FAR on Spotify and Apple Music. Just click here.

What's your favorite song in LANY's new album?

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