7 Things You Shouldn't Tell Someone Who Missed Their Fave Artist's Concert

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 14, 2015
PHOTO Mark Jesalva
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The #CandyFair2015 just happened last Saturday, and we know that not all of you were able to come because the tickets weren't enough to accommodate everyone. We're really sorry, and would love to be able to see you all next year. Know that we truly understand how you're feeling because we totally felt the same way when it was announced that our September cover boy Ansel Elgort is touring Asia. He'll be performing as Ansolo in Bali, Indonesia and Singapore as part of Ultra Music Festival's lineup of performers...

And we won't be able to watch him live. Cue: Ugly-crying. We'll get our turn on September 26, but Ansolo won't be there to join us. The pain, right? So to everyone who gets to see Ansel perform live, please don't tell us these things for maybe a month or two. We won't be able to deal.

 1  "It was really fun!"

Yes, I can see that you did have fun... from all those photos and videos you've uploaded all at once in Instagram.

 2  "You should have gone!"

Do you think I didn't know that I should have??? DO YOU???

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 3  "We really missed you."

Ha ha ha. No. You did not.

 4  "He played your favorite song." 

And that's supposed to make me feel better? *secretly dies inside*

 5  "A lot of your fave artists were there to watch him perform, too."

O M G, tell me about it. *rolls eyes for the thousandth time*


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 6  "I'm sooo sorry you couldn't come."

You are, really? You should have given me your ticket! LOLJK, HUHUHU.

 7  "It was the BEST. DAY. EVER."

YAY... for you. :'(

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JK, of course we're happy for our friends who'll get to see their favorite artists live. We are, really. We're just sad for ourselves. Don't worry, we'll get back to being a good friend after a month. 

Were you at the #CandyFair2015? Don't forget to tag us in your photos, videos, and posts so we can see them. Visit the Candy Fair 2015 microsite to see what your fellow Candy Girls and Boys thought of the event. See you again next year!

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