7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloween

by Ces Tan   |  Oct 30, 2014
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It's the month of October, and that means it's almost Halloween—the day of ghouls and ghosts,
monsters and mayhem, and all things scary! But how should you celebrate October 31 this year? If you
feel a little too old for trick or treating, or maybe you're not in the mood to go out to a costume party,
why not stay at home and prepare your own little horror movie marathon?

This upcoming Halloween, go out and buy some DVDs, prepare screening snacks like popcorn and chips, gather your family or barkada and get ready for a night of screams and scares! We suggest these 7 freaky and frightening films.

  1. Paranormal Activity (2007)

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloweencourtesy of Viva International Pictures

    When a supernatural presence haunts the house of a couple, they set up cameras to try to see what's happening and how the demonic spirit wreaks havoc in their lives. Whether or not you believe in supernatural spirits, this movie is definitely going to have you at the edge of yourseats, just waiting for something to pop out as you watch through their cameras.

  2. Final Destination (2000) 

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloweencourtesy of New Line Cinema

    This movie is all about the impending danger to the lives of five teenagers after one gets a premonition that they will all die in a plane crash. There's nothing more terrifying than watching this film, not knowing whether which character is going to die or not (and more importantly, how). Watch for it and try to guess what will happen!

  3. Shutter (2004) 

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloween
    courtesy of 20th Century Fox

    Asian horror movies are really some of the best ones out there. And of the many worth watching (for those who are really brave, that is) this one definitely goes on the list. This Thai horror movie follows the story of Tun and Jane (photo above is from the American remake of the film). After accidentally hitting a young woman on the road, they seemingly get haunted by her ghost and they soon find out more about her past. The unfolding of  events and development of the plot is also what makes the story haunting.

  4.  The Cabin In the Woods (2012) 

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloweencourtesy of Lionsgate

    Although this movie stars Chris Hemsworth, you probably won't be able to focus too much on his good looks because of all the freaky things that start happening in the cabin in the woods. This is not your typical horror movie, and it actually has a really interesting take on the genre. Watch and find out how the scary events come to be (and youdefinitely won't expect what happens in the end).

  5. Child's Play (1988) 

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloweencourtesy of United International Pictures

    Remember Chucky, the creepy doll that kills people? This classic slasher film follows the story of a doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. Although there have been rather comical Chucky sequels, the original is still totally scary.

  6. Fright Night (2011) 

    7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloweencourtesy of Dreamworks

    Just before your last movie, why not watch a movie that's scary but a little funny at the same time? Fright Night is a modern remake of an old 1980s film, about what happens when you find out your neighbor might be a vampire (and not the kind you fall in love with, but the kind that actually kills people and sucks their blood). Although this film has more fun elements than the others, it still has its frightening moments!

  7.  Insidious (2010) 7 Scary Movies To Marathon On Halloween
    courtesy of Viva International Pictures

    Of course you have to end the night with a movie that's genuinely scary just like this one! After a couple moves into their new home, one of their sons seems to fall into a comatose, and (again) creepy things start happening–doors closing out of nowhere, inexplicable screams and voices, shadows, and figures lurking at every corner. This film was definitely made to scare you out of your bed or couch. Although it might be difficult to look through a camera lens or walk around your hallways alone after this night, there's no better way to spend Halloween!

Which scary movie will you want to watch first? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below! We love hearing from you!

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