7 Beautiful Song Lines From The 1975 We Could Totally Use on Someone

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 22, 2015
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If there is something fans know about The 1975, it's how honest their songs are. "Our album is just kind of a diary, a scrapbook of ideas," frontman Matt Healy said on their first trip to Manila last year. "We're defined by being very honest, so all of our music and all of our lyrics are as honest as possible." This is why all the lines from their songs are effortlessly romantic that you'd want to use them on someone you hold dear. Here are seven of the best ones (there are too many, believe us) and a few reasons why you should use them to confess your feelings to someone today.

  1. "Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones." —"The 1975"

    Because being under someone's skin is too mainstream. JK! Don't you wish you can really know someone, like really get to know them, skin, bones, and all? 

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  2. "I said, 'Yo, I think I better go. I can't take you.' I know you're looking for salvation in the secular age. But girl I'm not your savior." —"Girls"

    Because sometimes you're scared to fall, too, but there's also a part of you that wants to take a leap of faith still.

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  3. "I'm pushing through bodies, avoiding me and walking around you. But you're cold and I burn. I guess I'll never learn cause I stay another hour or two." —"Settle Down"

    Because there's always that one person you know you're not supposed to like (and love even), but you do anyway.

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  4. "With a face from a movie scene or magazine, you know what I mean. She's definitely got the style on you." —"She Way Out"

    Okay, these are probably a few lines we'd want to use on ourselves. It's always a good idea to remind yourself that you're extraordinary. 

    The 1975 GIFvia sl*tties.tumblr.com

  5. "I know it's me that's supposed to love you. And when I'm home you know I got you. Is there somebody who can watch you?" —"Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You"

    Matt revealed in an interview that this is a song he wrote for his little brother. Now why don't you go tell this to your siblings a.k.a. the person you manage to get into an argument with every single day just to let them know that you do love them, too?

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  6. "And on this night, and in this life, I think I'm falling. I'm falling for you. Maybe you change your mind." —"Falling For You

    Because these words are just too romantic and it would be a waste not to let someone hear them. 

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  7. "I'm rushing in a small town. I forgot to call you. Running low on know how. This beat's made for two cause I remember that I like you no matter what I found." —"Heart Out"

    Because no matter who you meet and who you see, there's always that one person who'll manage to remind you that you're not yet home. 

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