7 of the Most Dedicated Local Fandoms

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by Kat Estrella   |  Jun 29, 2016
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Fandom, fanbase, fangirl. What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear these terms? Urban Dictionary defines "fandom" as a large group of emotional fans that devote their time in daily life, loving the thing they are so dedicated to. This pretty much sums up the life of those in local fandoms. Imagine going out of your way, or changing your regular routine to show your solid support to the love team or band you look up to. We got to interview a few local fanbases, and they shared with us a little about their journey as a fanbase. We also found out that these people come from different walks of life. Some are students, some are working, and some are even parents! Below are the 7 different stories shared by a few of the most dedicated local fandoms.

  1. AlDub

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The Alden and Maine love team captured the hearts of many in no time. The love team has always been trending on Twitter since the start of their segment on Eat Bulaga. We got to interview one of the AlDub fanbases in Manila, @ALDUBPilipinas. They started out as a parody account. When Maine had around only 1k followers, they sent her a direct message asking for permission to create the account. Once she gave her permission, they launched @siyayadubmo. Later on, they decided they wanted to make a bigger move, so they hired admins to maximize the reach of the account. 5k became 10k, 10k became 20k, and the rest was history. They say it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the admins of the account. These admins have schedules of posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to make sure it's updated at all times. Some of them go to school, some go to work, so they have other things to do as well, but they say that time management is key, all for the love of AlDub! They have chapters locally, but they also have chapters abroad, like Japan. To them, wherever they maybe in the world, they're all part of the fan-mily. They're proud that as a fanbase, they were also able to do outreach programs and blood drives in their different chapters.


Most unforgettable moment: "I think it has to be the AlDub Eb Tamang Panahon Concert in the Philippine Arena that soldout tickets! It was in that show that the admins of AlDub Ph finally met each other as well."

  1. KathNiel

Kath has had fanbases since her Mara Clara days, but the KathNiel fanbases started popping out in 2011, when Princess and I was airing on ABS-CBN. The fanbase grew even bigger when Kath and DJ started being more vocal about their feelings for each other. KB Buddies and @OhKathNielThing share a little about the fandom.

Days are always different for the KathNiel supporters. Some days they dedicate for voting for Kath and DJ on polls and other competitions. Some days, they simple share throwback pictures to bring good vibes to people. They keep group chats for plans during anniversaries, birthday parties, and the like. Since the admins have gotten really close, it's gotten to the point that they even share personal stories with each other through the group chat. They have international chapters, like Australia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Toronto, Ohio and  local chapters like Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Pampanga, Cagayan De Oro, Taguig, and Caloocan. Some work at banks, call centers, schools and hospitals. Even their daily tasks at the work place seem easier because of KathNiel. Besides the work they do to show their KathNiel support, they also do charity work. "As a fan group or even as a fandom, we also care not only for KathNiel but for our nation. KDKN Solidarity is an alliance where all fan groups are united, they do charity works and fan meetings. KathNiel Spikers always celebrate their anniversary by helping people, and other fan groups too. We always want to help co-fans and the people of our country."


Most unforgettable moment:  "Our ship reached the best day ever, Kathryn posted on Instagram that Daniel is the best guy ever." —@OhKathNielThing

"Our third year anniversary charity party at KFC. There was a group of blind musicians singing to her while she was entering the venue, and kids offering her roses. She was so touched, she even began to cry. She was so happy and we were so happy." —KB Buddies

  1. JaDine

The peak of JaDine's popularity was during the airing of their hit show On the Wings of Love. There is something about the chemistry of these two that really got their followers hooked. Way before OTWOL, JaDine already had several fanbases online such as @OfficialJaDine, @JaDineLand_, @WeLoveJaDine, @NaddictsOfc, and @REIDersOfficial. We got to chat with @OfficialJaDine and @JaDineLand_. Official JaDine and JaDineLand_ started in 2014 because of the movie Diary ng Panget. Their community started to grow as more and more people fell in love with the JaDine chemistry. They consist of followers from all over the Philippines and all over the world. Some fan clubs even have group chats where they talk about JaDine's latest shows and events. Competition is never an issue for them since they are united by their common goal, which is to support James and Nadine. The day doesn't end for these fans. They post and update their accounts day in and day out. According to them, dedication comes from the  love for their idols and the love for the "fan-mily" they've built.


Most unforgettable moment: "February 20. The JaDine Love concert. Thousands of dreams came true that one magical night: JaDine having their first major concert." It was also that night that the fanbase made the "light stick project" possible.

  1. LizQuen


We first laid eyes on the LizQuen love team in the movie She's the One. Since that movie, the two have already had followers. We got to chat with one of the LizQuen fanbases Tatak LizQuen Official. They share that it started as a private Facebook group during the peak of Forevermore's popularity. It was lead by college students Riza Cabural, Myee and Andy Azur. Like most fanbases, social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Fanpage and YouTube were established. The fan club gathers members locally and internationally.  They have chapters in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, USA to name a few. They hold different events like block screenings and charity events. They say that there is no competition with other fanbases. Meetings are being held with other fan groups to talk about how we can support LizQuen. They call it TEAM LIZQUEN. They have collaboration projects like Enrique Gil's 24th Surprise Birthday Salubong celebration, and Bigkis Kalinga: LizQuen Gives Back Charity Event in Aeta Community in Tarlac.


Most unforgettable moment: "The unforgettable memory was being part of Liza Soberano’s 18th Birthday celebration. Tatak LizQuen Official organized an "Amazing Race" game in the morning with Liza Soberano's family and friends. Our special gift to her was we brought her siblings from USA to the Philippines. It was not an easy task because we needed to hide them in public, from the airport, mall and around the resort. It was worth it when we saw Liza very happy and spent time with her siblings on her special day."

  1. The Vamps

The Vamps Philippines, (that has over 30,000 followers on Twitter!) is actually the product of two The Vamps teams. "We were actually two different fan clubs before Astroplus asked us to merge into one team. At first, we had hesitations. We didn't want to work with people we didn't know. Soon enough, we realized that we just have one goal: to keep The Vamps and their fans happy. From two small diverse groups, we were eventually merged into one. With our personalities and abilities combined, we were able to do a lot of things that we didn’t expect, such as making The Vamps known in our country and expanding the boundaries of the Filipino Vamily which were only confined within Luzon." The Vamps Philippines has partner fanbases in Tacloban and Cebu. The Vamps Cebu started out just last year when the single, "Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)" started to become popular. When asked what motivates them to keep their fanbases alive, both The Vamps Philippines and The Vamps Cebu answered that it's The Vamps themselves and the fans that motivate them to do so. The Vamps Philippines is recognized by The Vamps' team. One of The Vamps' managers based in the USA has even extended help for their local events. They say that they have a long way to go as a fanbase, and they've been open about the fact that it's difficult to compete with other artists' fan clubs since they are absolutely larger in number, but this will never stop them from supporting The Vamps.


Most unforgettable moment: "Our most unforgettable memory would have to be the first ever album launch we had last April 2014, together with 5SOSPH, Rixton PH and R5 PH. Our fanbase was still small back then, but it didn’t hinder us from seeing actual bliss on everyone’s eyes, something we only envisaged before. Regardless of our fanbase's reach back then, we never regret joining this launch. It really changed our lives and ignited a spark of hope within our hearts; that someday, we will be huge and we will be able to make the whole Vamily happy by conducting our own event and by bringing The Vamps here. We really believe that if it wasn’t for that first album launch, we wouldn’t be able to have come this far. " —The Vamps Philippines

"They had a mall show here in Cebu, so we went. It was a rollercoaster of emotions to see and hear them sing live. Meeting new fangirl friends is the most amazing thing that has happened to us so far!" —The Vamps Cebu

  1. EXO

Korean Pop (KPOP) is quite a big thing here in the Philippines. EXO is one of the KPOP boy bands based in Seoul that a lot of Filipino teens are following. One of  EXO's local fanbases @WearEXO_L shares a little about their journey with EXO. The fanbase started out as a personal twitter account, but EXO fans from abroad suggested that they make a fanbase dedicated solely to EXO. The fanbase has followers from different countries, but mostly from Asia. There was a time @WearEXO_L was discouraged to continue running the fanbase but the love for EXO and the EXO fans who stay updated with the boys through the fanbase fuelled them to continue running it.

Most unforgettable moment: "Our fanbase was hacked when we were nearing our first anniversary celebration!"


  1. One Direction

One of the biggest fanbases in Manila is the One Direction fanbase. According to 1D Infection MNL, the local fanbases started popping out as soon as One Direction was formed. It didn't take too long for the Philippines to hear about the group considering the talent, the different personalities, and of course, the looks of these boys! They have followers from everywhere in the Philippines. A good amount is from Manila, but some are also from Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, Iloilo, and more. The fanbase also has followers from abroad like America,  Europe, and Australia. As 1D Infection MNL said, "We all come from different places, have different backgrounds, speak different languages, but One Direction has brought us all together. Our love for the boys is something that already is a part of us and it has become our second nature to support the boys throughout anything."


Most unforgettable moment: "The most unforgettable moment, without a doubt, was when One Direction came to Manila for a two-night concert. It was the most meaningful, magical two nights of our lives and I think the entire fandom can agree with us when we say that."

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