7 Moments One Direction Was One Direction Because of Zayn Malik

We're still in the process of accepting this fact.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 26, 2015
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Just a few hours ago, One Direction made an official (it's real this time, Candy Girls, let's hug each other) announcement that Zayn Malik is really leaving the band. It's been hours and hours already and we still can't deal with the news. We know we've been writing about moving on and letting go of guys in our lives on the site for years, but we're sure no one knows how to when the time comes. Don't get us wrong, we're wishing Zayn the best of everything as he moves on to a new chapter of his life, but it's just not easy to deal with this very big change.

Just last weekend, we watched Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan take the stage as a four-piece for the first time on tour. We loved every second of being in their presence, but we've also come to realize that One Direction isn't One Direction when one of them is missing—in this case, Zayn. We've made a roundup of those times this lad was making 1D the awesome band that it is. Feel free to add your Zayn moments in the comments, Candy Girls. 


 1  Every single time he hit the high notes.

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We are incredibly grateful to Liam and Harry for singing his parts during their first stop on tour as a four-piece, but it's just not the same. It will never be the same.

 2  Those moments when he was the heart of the band.

Zayn Malik GIF Zayn Malik GIF
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As the boys said, Zayn wears his heart on his sleeve. Remember when he had to put the phone down immediately whilet talking to his mom because he's going to cry? Yup, that's our Zayn right there showing his emotions.


 3  When this happened in This Is Us.

Zayn Malik GIF Zayn Malik GIF
Zayn Malik GIF Zayn Malik GIF
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We can't even begin to imagine how it's going to be in the coming months and years. We just can't, Zayn.


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 4  Whenever they realize that they'd never be as huge as they are if one of them weren't in it.

"One day we won't be doing this," Louis says. We're really trying to hold back our tears RN.

 5  The moment they were all called out to form the band.

Simon Cowell could have skipped Zayn altogether, but he saw something in him that would make One Direction as huge as they are today... and we saw that, too. How can we unsee you, Zayn? Spoiler: WE CAN'T.

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 6  That time Liam and Harry talked about how they thought of kicking Zayn out of 1D...

...of course they didn't have the heart to do it. These boys are brothers.

 7  When we watched their first concert as a four-piece last weekend.

And we can't help but notice the void, the space, the gaping hole that Zayn left when he signed off the tour.


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Let's talk about our feelings in the comments, Candy Girls, or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We're dealing with this together, don't worry.

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