7 Encouraging Tweets From Coleen Garcia That'll Turn Your Day Around

Need inspiration? This celeb is the perfect person to follow on Twitter if you do!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 23, 2014
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Coleen Garcia proves to be a sweetheart, not only on TV but also on Twitter. This Candy cover girl never fails to brighten everyone's day whenever she tweets. Spreading good vibes is just her thing. Having a bad day? Here are 7 words from this celeb that might just turn your day around:

For days when you're not in the mood to be fit and healthy...

...or to continue your healthy lifestyle.

For when you're feeling like a hater.

For when you're losing sight of the important things in life.

For when you're having a tough day.

For when you're overthinking and suddenly you feel sad.

For when you're feeling lazy to finish all your homeworks today.

Follow @coleengarcia on Twitter now, and make sure you're following us @candymagdotcom, too!

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