7 Creative Ways To Be A Fangirl

What's the best way to spend time? Fangirling! We hear you, Candy Girls.
by Rizzi Ponti   |  Nov 22, 2012
photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
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I'm sure some of you have been told you are wasting your time, but just can't pry your eyes from the magazine cover. We know that the object of your fangirl feels are very much distracting and attention grabbing.

Well, here at Candy, we believe fangirling can make you more productive. How exactly do you turn your ASDFGHJKL feels to something creative and productive? Here are 7 ways!

  1. Fan Art 
    Take your time looking deep into Logan Lerman's beautiful pair of eyes. How about grabbing a pencil and trying to sketch his perfection. I'm sure it will be easier since you have his face practically memorized. Go ahead and post that fan art on Twitter. You never know, your favorite celeb might just RT your masterpiece.
  2. Fanfic 
    If you're the type who is always scribbling imaginary storylines or always daydreaming about your favorite characters, maybe you should give fan fiction a shot. Dive into the wonderful world of Livejournal, where you can share your fanfic with your fellow fangirls. You can start by reading those that were written before. Once you feel confident enough, go ahead and publish your own work! Don't know where to start? Remember those characters who you always thought would end up together but broke up? Start from there and keep writing! Who knows, your fanfic might be turned into a book in the future?
  3. An Original Song 
    If you got the talent of stringing words and strumming guitar strings, then maybe you can write a song like Taylor Swift. Nothing says true love and devotion to the object of your obsession affection more than an original song by you, Candy Girl! Need an inspiration? Remember that super adorable Darren Criss first became famous when he and his friends produced A Very Potter Musical, a school musical that was born out of their love for Harry Potter. Now, they have thousands of fans anticipating the third installment of AVPM!
  4. YouTube 
    Can't get over the recent Glee episode? Remember the really cute half-Pinoy who had his lola make him a Warbler uniform? Everybody adored this video of him singing to "Teenage Dream." Mini Warbler knocked our socks off with his cuteness. How about you do too? I'm sure you've been dancing and singing in front of the mirror since the first season. How about you finally recording  your own Gleeky cover and upload it on Youtube? The world wide web deserves to finally see your talent!
  5. DIY fan merchandise 
    Sure, fan merchandise can be bought anywhere, but how about making your own? Other than putting your intense fan feelings into something productive, you can be sure that your trinket will be unique and one of a kind. Remember your favorite quote from The Twilight Saga? You can have that printed on a tee. Where else would be a better place to wear your custom made shirt than a screening of the much-awaited Breaking Dawn Part 2? The possibilities are endless! You can have pendants, bag tags, and anything you can imagine. I'm sure you won't be afraid to wear your fangirl heart on your sleeve with merch made by your very own hands!
  6. Blog it
    If you can't stop reading Tricia Gosingtian's, Camille Co's, or Patricia Prieto's blogs, why don't you strike a pose and take photos of your outfits too? Don't do it because you want to get attention. Use your blog to help you find your personal style. If you ask your fave bloggers, that's better than any of the perks. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed! If you're not a big fan of fashion blogging, how about channeling your inner anime lover and give cosplaying a try just like Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao?
  7. Be inspired
    Above all, let your idol bring out the best in you. I'm sure it's not just the killer good looks you admire but also their life peg-worthy personalities. One look at Ian Somerhalder's Twitter page and you'll know there's more to him than his perfect looks. He got a big heart under than drool-worthy bod! Love Emma Watson? Well, you better love learning too! Adore Zac Efron? Well then, go back to the time of High School Musical and take cue from Troy Bolton. Audition for the school musical. I know you can do it! Get your butt off that couch and live a life worth admiring. Who knows? That musical can be the start of something new and you might just get your own fan following! Don't forget us when you do. ;)

Got even better ideas? Share them with other fangirls in the comments below!

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