7 Books That Will Help You Know Yourself Better

From memoirs and YA books-these reads deserve a spot on your TBR pile.
by Cielo Anne Calzado   |  Mar 21, 2021
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Given the time we’re spending at home, books are constant companions that enable us to escape the four walls of our rooms and travel to faraway places. From captivating fantasy stories and thrilling mysteries, to sappy love stories and engaging memoirs–books can make us ~feel~ things to the point that turning the last page can make us tear up.

If you’re looking for more books to devour during quarantine, we’ve got eight titles that are guaranteed to stir up your emotions and motivate you to carve a bright future. Keep your eyes peeled for brand new and pre-loved copies of these must-reads:

Kind of a Big Deal by Shannon Hale

Are you one of the many who had to adjust to life after high school? If you’re a big shot in high school, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be instantly famous after it. In Kind of a Big Deal, protagonist Josie Pie gets sucked into the books she’s reading, allowing her to become the lead character in the stories she reads. Is there a perfect story? In this YA read, Shannon Hale shows that we control our own narrative and we can always change for the better.

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Php 714, available at Fully Booked

I Decided to Live As Me by Kim Soo-Hyun

The short snippet on the back cover is enough to make you want to have a copy of this book. “We can’t be or need to be anything else but ourselves.” Let this title teach you how to love who you are and face adulting head on. Feeling down? Turn the pages and be encouraged by words of comfort and everyday tips on how to navigate life.


Php 480, Available at apopbooks.com

The Art of Simple Living by 100 Daily Practices from a Japanese Zen Monk for a Lifetime of Calm and Joy by Shunmyo Masuno

In a world ruled by likes and technology, we often forget the magic of simple joys and routines. In this must-read, Shunmyo Masuno provides an easy-to-follow guide that will empower you to relax and give into serene living. From enjoying the food you eat to organizing your shoes – the to-dos might be straightforward, but it can make a big impact on your life.

Php 960, available at Fully Booked

The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan


What is the opposite of loneliness? Is it happiness? In this collection, the late Marina Keegan shares stories that showcase hope, the fear of uncertainty, and the limitless possibilities we have before us.

Available at  Amazon

Love for Imperfect Things by Haemin Sunim

There are days when we can’t help but notice our flaws and compare ourselves to others. Keep in mind that nothing good will come out of matching your path with that of your peers. In this book, Haemin Sunim will guide you in learning how to embrace your self – both good and bad sides so you can love yourself more and have more meaningful relationships with the people around you.


Php 576, available at Fully Booked

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

How often do you ask yourself the question – what if? Given a chance, will you undo all your regrets? In The Midnight Library, Nora is between life and death, and given the opportunity to choose a life where she can be truly happy. Does that life exist? If there’s one thing this book will teach you, it’s to not dwell on regrets and own the choices you made in life.


Available at Amazon

Becoming Better Grownups: Rediscovering What Matters and Remembering How to Fly by Brad Montague

When we were kids, we wished to be grownups so we can do whatever we want. Now that you’re in the cusp of truly becoming an adult, how are things going? In this colorful book with illustrations, Brad Montague shares lessons on love, happiness, gratitude, and dreams that will push you to fly and reach for your dreams.

Php 1, 296, available at Fully Booked

Do you have other books you’ve discovered and loved during quarantine? Share your favorite titles with us in the comments below, or submit your own books lists at candymag.com/bulletin.

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