6 Things You Need to Know About P-Pop Group BGYO

Get to know all about the aces of P-pop!
by Bianca Custodio   |  Sep 6, 2021
Image: TWITTER/bgyo_ph
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P-pop is gradually taking its well-deserved place in our local music industry, and up-and-coming Kapamilya boy group BGYO is among the forefront paving the way. This five-member boy group—consisting of members Gelo Rivera, Akira Morishita, JL Toreliza, Mikki Claver, and Nate Porcalla—has created well-deserved and increasingly growing buzz since their debut in January 29, 2021 with hit single "The Light" as well as the recent release of their first ever comeback single "The Baddest" in August. These boys have been serving us stable vocals, sharp dance, and visuals-to-die-for since debut, and NGL we are obsessed! So if you’re reading this RN, take this as your sign to hop on the train and stan the aces of P-pop, BGYO.

Here are a few things you need to know about this charming homegrown boy group:

1. The BGYO members are all Gen Z babies!

Yup, you heard that right! These five incredibly talented boys are as young as (or probably even younger than) you and me. No wonder they’re extremely relatable and fun to watch! The group is composed entirely of ‘01 to ‘03 liners, with leader Gelo, Akira, and JL born in 2001, Mikki born in 2002, and bunso Nate born in 2003. At a young age, these boys are already making waves in both our local music industry and even in the international scene, and we can’t wait to see what more is in store for them in the future!


Additionally, in true Gen Z spirit, they’re also pretty active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! Look at how cute they are in their most recent TikTok (you can’t see me but I’m kilig… LOL):


#BGYO | #BGYOtheBaddest #tiktokph #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #tiktokviral #ppop #hearts #kiminotoriko

? Kimi No Toriko - Rizky Ayuba

2. BGYO are glamorous P-pop idols *and* full-time students at the same time.

We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to simply be a student in the first place. So not only is it beyond impressive that they’ve already achieved *so* much this early into their careers, but the fact that they’re doing all of this while studying only demonstrates how disciplined and determined these boys really are.

In fact, BGYO member Akira, who is taking up BS Tourism for college, was even said to have made it to his university's dean's list just recently despite their hectic comeback schedules. How impressive is that? We stan men who are both beauty and brains! 

watch now

3. BGYO is not short for "bagyo."

Contrary to popular belief, the name BGYO apparently does not at all pertain or translate to the Tagalog word bagyo, which means storm or hurricane. Pronounced "B-G-Y-O," the group’s official name is actually an acronym for the phrase, “Becoming the change, Going further, You and I, Originally Filipino." But we don’t blame you for thinking so as these boys are without a doubt taking our local music scene by storm!


4. BGYO's fandom name is ACEs.

During a Kumu livestream on April 9, BGYO’s leader Gelo revealed their fanbase’s official name to be ACEs. After collecting hundreds of name suggestions sent to them by their fans, the boys unanimously decided together on ACEs. And the fandom has been living up to their name since! Constantly streaming, promoting, and supporting the boys in all their content releases and livestreams, the ACEs have definitely proven to be the group’s ultimate, well, ace! 


5. Their K-pop covers are *chef’s kiss*.

Trust me on this one, K-pop stans. If you think BGYO is just a group of visuals, well, you thought wrong! They’re also extremely sharp dancers, skilled singers, and just incredible performers overall. Their K-pop covers in particular will surely leave you impressed, because as Hallyu fanboys themselves, they never fail to do a song justice. Check out their recent dance cover of Treasure’s “Boy” for the Happy Hallyu Day virtual fest here: 

6. BGYO went through two years of rigorous training before debut.

Signed under Star Magic, BGYO is the first boy group to be debuted by Star Hunt Academy (SHA), where they trained alongside sister group BINI. Here, the boys received rigorous training for two years from both Filipino mentors and South Korean coaches from MU Doctor Academy—the same idol training group that Stray Kids’ Seo Changbin and Winner’s Song Minho attended before joining JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment respectively. (No wonder they’re so good!)


Having to live away from their families for a while was definitely hard on them, but all their blood, sweat, and tears as SHA trainees has all clearly paid off. While some of them came into the Star Hunt Academy with little to no experience, their tough training had definitely shaped them to be the holistic performers they are today. 

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