6 GIFs That Will Make Us Miss Taylor Swift At The 2016 VMAs

Please change your mind, Taylor!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 26, 2016
Image: Taylor Swift | instagram.com/taylorswift
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Taylor Swift has been the queen of the MTV Video Music Awards for as long as we can remember. Whether she's accepting a ton awards even her long arms can't hold anymore, recreating red carpet traditions by walking the red carpet with her girl squad instead of a guy in her arms, or simply dancing by the sidelines, the VMAs is just not complete without Taylor. That's why we're extremely crushed when an insider told People that our favorite music star is not going to attend the MTV 2016 VMAs.

Taylor may have refused to attend the VMAs because of the recent drama with Kim K. and Kanye, but it could also be because she wasn't nominated for any of the categories, anyway. Just because T-Swift not attending the VMAs has dampen our moods a bit, we're listing down six things that we will miss about Taylor in the VMAs according to GIFs.


Her always gorgeous red carpet outfits.

Who wouldn't miss Taylor's always epic performances?

Her silly dance moves on the sidelines.

Her sometimes exaggerated, but still cute "surprised" face when she wins an award.

The inspiring speeches she make when she gets on the stage to receive her awards.

And of course, the time when she and Kim K. and Kanye were still best buds.

Will you miss T-Swift at this years MTV VMAs?

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