5 Tips On How To Start Your Own Band

Want to fulfill your rockstar dreams? Take your cue from these helpful tips.
by Cidee Despi   |  Sep 1, 2013
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Here's the thing about bands, they're pretty awesome. I'm sure that most of us had their own (or still have) fair share of the rockstar dreams: people dancing to your music, record labels, gigs, fan chants, hearing your song being played on the radio. Who wouldn't want that? But of course, in order to make it big in the music scene, musicians or aspiring musicians must first start somewhere. So if you still haven't given up on your rockstar dreams and you think it's about time you fulfill it, here are some tips on starting your own band:

  1. Find friends who can play music and are passionate about it. Of course, in order to be a band, you must first have your members. You don't necessarily have to be able to play like a pro, but as long as you're all willing to improve and work together, then that's okay. Remember, being a band means being united for the sake of music, so pick people who love it as much as you do. As long as there is genuine love for what you do, you will soon produce good sound, because passion will resonate in it.

  2. Start playing. As Brian Nathan (lead guitarist, Spinning Jenny) would put it, "naturally, you would suck, so keep on practicing." Always remember to not get tired of playing music, especially if you're only starting. If you love what you do, rehearsals won't feel like a chore at all. Instead, it will always feel like jamming sessions with friends. Just practice. Never stop allowing yourself to improve.

  3. Develop a distinct sound. Give your music a signature sound so your music would be more distinct. Play music with a certain vibe or mood so that people would have a specific reason to come back for once they decide to listen to you again. Ask yourself this question: Out of the thousand bands out there, how would people remember ours?

  4. Expose yourself. Let people hear what you've got. Play in places you can and wow them with your music—be it during school events or even small gigs in parties. You'll never know where you might pick-up your first loyal group of supporters, or even better, a music manager searching for his next big recording artist.

  5. Have fun and just continue playing. Let me leave you with a tip from Julio Luna (drummer, Three Days After), "You should always just have fun, with the right mixture of professional attitude towards it. Lastly, try to always keep yourself inspired. Find your ultimate inspiration to continue the band." (Julio Luna, Drummer, Three Days After)

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