These Kids Are Better at Being Fans Than You

Thought you were the world's biggest fan for your favorite celebrity? Wait until you watch these kids do their thing at a young age, and you'll think twice.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 24, 2015
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It is perfectly fine to engage in friendly competition with other fans in the world (emphasis on friendly). We sometimes think we are their number one fan in the world because we're willing to do anything for them: buy concert tickets if they come here, buy concert tickets from when they perform in a nearby country, purchase their merchandise, or buy every magazine cover they were on that we know of. We do almost everything for them that we think we are the best fans in the world. Until we get to watch these clips and see photos of these kids who are on the running to steal that title from us. Well done, little boys and girls. Well done.

  1. This little girl who lip synchs to Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off." At two, the daughter of YouTuber Mike Smith may just be the biggest T-Swizzle fan in the world. Click the play button and watch her wiggle, jiggle, and do an assortment of "dude, this is my jam" face infront of the camera.

  2. Another Swiftie who kept herself calm and collected while she's with the pop singer. It's not really easy to stay calm once you see your favorite celebrity. Imagine how doubly difficult it would be if she dropped in on you unexpectedly while you're trying to get great photos of yourself.

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  3. Kai who's been singing Bruno Mars songs on The Ellen Show. At a young age, this cute little guy's been entertaining us with his cute covers of Bruno's tracks like "Grenade" and "When I Was Your Man." His lyrics may not be understandable to most of us, but that didn't stop him. Recently, Kai appeared on the show again and sang "Uptown Funk" with his idol.

  4. This little man who got onstage with One Direction. Eric even had the chance to have a girlfriend (but he refused to choose, we think) while he was surrounded by five of the cutest guys in the world. He's got it going for him, right? What a lucky little guy!

  5. This lucky guy who became Demi Lovato's fiance. Sorry, guys, but Demi is actually engaged to this five-year-old. They even made it official during one of the singer's concerts. We can't wait to see you on your wedding day, Demi.

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