8 Things You Should Know About Enrique Gil

Quen talks about his busy year and (wait for it!) his leading ladies during his cover shoot!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 9, 2014
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If there's something you have to know (aside from the things we listed below) about our September cover boy Enrique Gil it's this: He can't stop laughing and making jokes during the interview! But when he turns serious, his eyebrows straighten themselves out and he makes the most adorable serious face in the history of serious faces that will make even the strongest of girls melt in a sweet pool of kilig.  Read on to find out what we talked about with Quen (his nickname, ICYDK!) when we chatted with him during his cover shoot.

1. He can't wait to start shooting for The Bet. He tells us that it's been so long since he's worked with teen actress Liza Soberano, so it's something he looks forward to when they start shooting for the movie adaptation of the Pop Fiction novel. "She's The One pa kaming last nagkatrabaho e," Quen said. "I'm just excited with what's going on right now, and I really don't know how to take it. Maybe excited is not the right word, but more of I want to start it. I just want to do a good work."


5 Things You Should Know About Enrique Gil

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2. Princess and I is his most memorable project to date. "Lahat naman memorable for me," he explains. "But pinaka-grabe so far was Princess and I. Not only that. It was also the longest. It was almost a year, almost a year of being with the same people. That's a huge chunk of time because from beginning to end, I was changing. You could see na nagbibinata na ako and it was also my first time na mag-shoot abroad. It was just a crazy, crazy experience which prepared me for my next shows."


3. He can't choose between acting and dancing. Quen is known as an actor and a dancer, but if he has to do only one thing, he'd have a difficult time choosing between the 2. "It's different kasi and it depends," he said. "I love dancing pero to pick one... Maybe acting? If I want work, it would be acting because that's where everything is and everything else follows. I really love both and I really can't pick. I love both of them equally."

5 Things You Should Know About Enrique Gil


4. Actor Johnny Depp is his acting role model.

"I am inspired by Johnny Depp!" he said. "But locally? Tito Tirso [Tirso Cruz III], would be one. And Christopher de Leon, but each person teaches me different things, especially if I get to work with them."

He has a few obsessive fans, too!

"One fan tried to enter my hotel room to the point that my handler was pushing the door! That was crazy and it happened pa during an out-of-town show!" Crazy fans aren't all he deals with, though. Quen also has deep apprecation for the things his supporters do for him. "They go to tapings, wait until pack-up time just to bring food and gifts kahit galing silang school and napapagod sila. They're just always there. That's the sweetest thing for me," he said. 

5 Things You Should Know About Enrique Gil


And because we want you to really know our Candy cover boy, we also asked him to describe his leading ladies in one word. Here's what he has to say about each of them:

Liza Soberano: "Cute!"
Bea Alonzo: "Perfect." Then he follows up with an explanation, saying, "She is the perfect definition of a woman."
Kathryn Bernardo: "Thoughtful."
Julia Montes: "Strong."
Julia Barretto: "Sweet."

Enrique Gil Updates 2020:

6. Enrique Gil has introduced Liza to his family in Spain.

During a trip to Europe, Quen took Liza to meet his family, especially his grandmother. “Yung lola ni Quen, sobrang animated siya. She’s just like Quen but 10 times more. For her age, she’s very hyper and she’s very funny. Walang dull moments. Hindi siya nauubusan ng kuwento," Liza shared. Enqrique Gil is orignally from Cebu, but is of Spanish-Filipino-German descent.

7. Enrique Gil is an Aries.

Quen was born on March 30, 1992. He turned 28 while in quarantine in 2020.


8. Enrique has been busy working on TV shows and movies.

Aside from starring in TV shows like Bagani and Make It With You, Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano racked up a few big screen projects in recent years. Most recently, they starred in Jadaone's Alone/Together (2019) and My Ex and Whys (2017). He also played Dexter in Seven Sundays alongside Aga Muhlach and Dingdong Dantes.

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