5 Things You Should Know About Claudia Barretto

by Rizzi Ponti   |  May 14, 2013
Image: INSTAGRAM/claudia
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We've been seeing a lot of her family nowadays but let’s get to know Claudia Barretto, this girl who is ready to make a mark in this world:

She is very close to her family.

There's really no sibling rivalry between Dani, a well-known fashion blogger, Julia, an actress, and Claudia. They all love hanging out, shopping together and going to the beach just like sisters out there. Whenever they’re together, you can expect that they’re doing something fun just like this "Call Me Maybe" video they did last year! You can also see how graceful she was brought up by the way she handles personal questions about her family. Already acting like a lady at such a young age!

Claudia is the third daughter of Marjorie Barretto, and her second child with actor Dennis Padilla. Claudia's younger siblings are named Leon and Erich.

Claudia is athletic, and was a varsity team member.

Even at her young age, Claudia is already dedicated to football. She spends a lot of time training for her school’s varsity team. When asked about it, she says, "I just truly enjoy the sport and what makes me love it more is that I get to share different emotions with a group of people who understand what it feels like to experience victory and loss. Football is discipline.  It builds character and is definitely something that I think I'll continue pursuing when I enter High School.


She loves fashion and dressing up.

Her personal style influences are her mom, aunts and sisters but Claudia claims she has a style of her own and with the photos she posts in her massively-followed Instagram account. We'd have to agree.

She loves to read and sing.

Despite her many endeavors, this athletic stylista still finds time to curl up with contemporary novels in hand like her favorite books, the Hunger Games Trilogy. On top of all that, she enjoys singing and hitting those high notes. Is she well-rounded or what?

As of September 2020:

Claudia graduated senior high school from Everest Academy Manila in 2018.

Her mom was present at her graduation where Claudia wasa  silver academic awardee. She is currently an AB Psychology student at the Ateneo de Manila University, shifting from a management course to pursue her true passion and advocacy: mental health.

AFAIK, Claudia has been in a long-term relationship with golfer Basti Lorenzo.

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The two have remained relatively low-key, but it's what makes them work, according to Claudia. "I can say for a fact that I'm good on my own and he's also good on his own. We're separate people, but we like being together. It's important to be your own individual."

Hailing from the Lorenzo clan, Basti's father is a successful businessman. He previously owned Pancake House, and their family is in the sugar-milling business, among many others. (via @pep.ph)

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