5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (March 28)

Listen to Ed Sheeran's new song, watch Ellie Goulding channel Tris in her new music video—plus news about Kathryn Bernardo, Emma Watson, and Lorde inside!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 28, 2014
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Hello, Sheerios! We know you've all been waiting so long for a new song or a new album from Ed Sheeran—so this is good news for you. Ed performed a snippet of his new single "Take It Back Now" during the Teenage Cancer Trust show at the Royal Albert Hall. Ed sang and showed off his awesome rapping skills during the number! Watch his performance below, with the sound of screaming fans in the background.

We still can't get over how awesome Divergent is, so we've been keeping tabs on it for days now. Sorry, not sorry. Ellie Goulding, the singer behind most of the songs in Divergent's soundtrack, has released the official music video of "Beating Heart"—which, if you remember, was played in the movie's last scene. In the music vid, Ellie channels Tris and a little of Four as it shows her with tattoos similar to the two characters. Watch the music video here, and don't forget to tell us what you think about it afterwards.


5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (March 28)via teenvogue.tumblr.com

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Another set of teasers for Kathryn Bernardo's debutwere released earlier by Philippine Star Supreme's Instagram account. We wonder what they have in store for us tomorrow. Any guesses, ladies?

A few days ago, news came out that Sofia Coppola is set to direct the live action adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairytale The Little Mermaid. Now, the dream cast for the role of Ariel is in the Interwebs and Harry Potter alum Emma Watson's name is on top of it all. No word from the production company has been out yet, but we think Emma's going to be perfect for the role. If this is true, who do you think should be her Prince Charming? Sound off in the comments!


5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (March 28)via spyke6x.tumblr.com

Many of you might not know that Grammy-winning singer Lorde is in a serious relationship. Her boyfriend is James K. Lowe, a photographer who prefers to keep a low profile. Today, he surprised everyone when he posted a blog post about how it is to be in a relationship with the singer. It's not a walk in the park. But, at the end of the day, his eyes are set on Lorde. "I’ve found a little inspiration from new faces. People I look up to. People whose work I admire so much," he wrote, "For all of this I have to thank the one I look up to the most. Who I admire the most. Who still fills the little voids I try to avoid." Aww!


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