5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (June 25)

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 25, 2014
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What if someone made a film about singer and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, who do you think should play her? Well J.Lo has spoken and she wants Selena Gomez to be her in that film. "I would want Selena Gomez to play me in a movie. She is a cutie," J.Lo said in an interview. TBH, we think she can totes pull it off. Girl friend's got moves. Do you think Sel's going to be a good J.Lo for a movie? Tell us in the comments.

5 Things You Missed Today (June 25)via selenaworshiper.tumblr.com

Emma Roberts and Nat Wolff are working on another movie together! After doing Palo Alto, the two reunited for the movie Ashby—a comedy-drama about a high school student and his relationship with a retired CIA agent who only has a few months left to live. Emma shared a few snaps from the set earlier today. Don't they look good together?


Missing Dakota Fanning? Here's something you'll love: Dakota stars in the movie The Last of Robin Hood, alongside big actors Susan Sarandon and Kevin Kline. The film chronicles a screen icon's affair with a younger aspiring actress, which Dakota is playing. We kinda feel proud seeing her A+ acting skills here (although we're not particularly for the questionable relationship her character has with an older—way older—man). The Last of Robin Hood is set for release in theaters on August. 

Two of our beloved One Direction cuties are having a great time in this new clip from Sesame Street. Harry Styles and Liam Payne sing each letter of the alphabet with Bert for the fans of this beloved children's show. Watch the clip below. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy it, promise.

The first Filipino-developed train is now testing operations! The Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) System has been running for a while now, but it's only open for public use from June until July. Try it for free ASAP!


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