5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (February 18)

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 18, 2014
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Selena Gomez and One Direction's Niall Horan were recently spotted together in London, England. News crushed Jelena fans, but a source said that Sel did this with an ulterior motive—she just wanted her ex, Justin Bieber to get jealous. While the Disney alum doesn't have plans of getting into something serious right now, we'd definitely want to see her with a great guy like Niall in the future.

Did Harry Styles really miss Kendall Jenner's show during the London Fashion Week and attend Cara Delevingne's instead? The One Direction cutie was spotted in the front row of Cara's Burberry Prorsum show. On the other hand, he was a no-show during Kendall's appearance in the Giles Deacon show. We're thinking Harry was just busy that day and crossing our fingers Hendall don't fight about this.

5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (February 18)In other news, after being a no-show in Kendall's runway appearance in London, Harry Styles is still getting the birthday bash she supposedly planned for him. There's even a live stream to catch the arrivals! Some think this is just some form of publicity stunt, a hoax, even. However, rumors said that instead of being with Harry for his birthday bash, Kendall will be attending the Love magazine party.


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Looks like the music industry is going to have two new female rappers soon! Kanye West, Kim Kardashian's fiance, decided to teach Kendall and Kylie Jenner how to rap as revealed by Posh24. That's not all, he's planning to bring the two in his Paris studio and is already writing songs for them. What do you think of Kylie and Kendall as rappers, Candy Girls? Do you have cool rapper names for them in mind?

5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (February 18)via kylieskj.tumblr.com

Is Rebel Wilson serious when she said her love interest in Pitch Perfect 2 is Drake? We are all excited about the sequel, so when Rebel dropped the casting spoiler in this TMZ article, we were psyched! We feel a little sorry for Adam Devine a.k.a. Bumper, though, because we thought he'll really end up with Rebel's Fat Amy in the sequel.

5 Things You Missed While You Were In School (February 18)via d*mnlfe.tumblr.com

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