5 Things You Missed Today (September 8)

Don't forget today's updates on JaDine's party with Mommy Ella, Hendall's real dating status, Instagram's latest update, Selena Gomez's advice to Taylor Swift, and Chloe Moretz's future movies.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 8, 2016
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Recently, James Reid's mom celebrated her birthday and he, together with girlfriend Nadine Lustre and his sister Lauren Reid, attended the celebration. Fans were delighted to see the two with Mommy Ella, and were even kilig at how close Naddie was with her. She even gave her a gift with a sweet note! (via Viva.com.ph)

We know you were all happy when news came out that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are rekindling their romance again but another report came out. According to "anonymous friends of the two" who spoke with Entertainment Tonight, the two aren't really dating but just "hang out a lot." A source who's close to Harreh also added, "They are friends and hang with a lot of the same people. Nothing more." We're heartbroken! (via Dolly.com.au)


Instagram has been undergoing a lot of changes lately and this time, they're removing an original feature. Remember the Photo Maps feature which allows you to tag the location of the photos? They're removing it. According to Mashable, the social media company eliminated it because it wasn't widely used. (via Dolly.com.au)

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After Taylor Swift's breakup with Tom Hiddleston, rumor has it that her BFF Selena Gomez decided to do some serious chat with her best friend. Her advice to Tay? To "slow down". "Selena's advice was to take a break from men and to spend some time enjoying being single [by] focusing her energy in the studio, and dropping a new album before another boyfriend pops up," the source revealed. We think that's a good idea, too. (via Dolly.com.au)


Oh no, Chloe Moretz decided to drop her future movies—including the live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said, "I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again. I'm realizing that I can slow down." Aww, but we'll miss you, Chloe! (via JustJaredJr.com)

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