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Don't miss the latest deets on Zayn Malik gets a makeover, Adventure Time's final season, photos of Tom Felton in The Flash, Miley Cyrus' Ellen hosting gig, and could Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift be getting back together?
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 30, 2016
Image: Tayvin Shipper | instagram.com/tayvinshipper, Zayn Malik | instagram.com/zayn, Adventure Time | instagram.com/adventuretime, Miley Cyrus | instagram.com/mileycyrus, Tom Felton | instagram.com/t22felton
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It's been quite some time now since Harry Styles shocked the 1D fans when he chopped off his signature long locks for his upcoming flick, Dunkirk. Now, another former Directioner followed Harry's lead. Zayn Malik just traded his signature bad boy, scruffy look for a clean, shaved face! We thought that Zayn couldn't get any hotter than he already was, but he definitely proved us wrong with his new look! (E! News)


Because of his legendary role in the Harry Potter series, Tom Felton can hardly shake off the character of Draco Malfoy off his shoulders, not that it's a bad thing. But Tom has so much more to offer than just being Draco, and luckily, he's found a role that could be as iconic as his wizarding character. Tom will be taking on the role of Julian Dorn, The Flash's workplace enemy. "Barry's had that lab to himself, but now he's got to share it with this guy, who doesn't really like him," executive producer Todd Helbing told EW. Eek! We're so excited for Tom's big comeback! (Dolly.com.au)

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Ever since Adventure Time first came out back in 2010, it has easily captured the screens of most households as well as the hearts of its viewers. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network just announced that the beloved series will be ending after its ninth season airs in 2018. Oh no! We simply can't imagine a world without Finn, Jake, and the rest of the gang! (EW)


With all the drama, revelations, and the short-lived Hiddleswift, could Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift rekindle their relationship once more? Well, according to sources, it's totally possible! TMZ reported that these two former lovebirds have been exchanging texts frequently, and while they haven't met up in person yet, the friendship is totally back on! OMG! #Tayvin forever! (Dolly.com.au)


When the energetic Ellen DeGeneres can't come in for work, there's no better replacement to call than the equally energetic Miley Cyrus to fill in for her hosting duties don't you think? And that's exactly what Ellen DeGeneres did when she was feeling under the weather, and couldn't make it to her show. While there were rumors that Miley had a meltdown prior to her first ever hosting gig, all those rumors are completely false because Miley absolutely killed it. While Miley did admit that she was initially nervous, her nerves obviously never got to her because the Ellen audience totally adored Miley. (E! News)

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