5 Things You Missed Today (November 29)

Don't miss the latest updates on Harry Styles's hair and projects, Daniel Padilla's concert, Riverdale's newest teaser, Shailene Woodley's new TV series, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding weekend.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 29, 2016
Image: The CW, Marissa Machado | instagram.com/mmachado, MCA Music, Star Cinema, SYCO Music/Ivory Music & Video
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Confiiirmed, you guys! The handsome Harry Styles is growing back his hair and Daily Mail has the photos to prove it. Harold was spotted getting coffee in Los Angeles over the weekend looking like a heartthrob, of course. Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has revealed recently that this 1D cutie has worked with Max Martin (Tay-Tay's producer for 1989) and Bruno Mars! Ohhh. Can't wait to hear what they've been working on. (via JustJaredJr.com)

Missing teen king Daniel Padilla? Don't you worry because he's hitting Araneta Coliseum again next year to perform for his fans! Save the date, you guys, and make sure to buy your tickets because they're going on sale starting tomorrow. (via ABS-CBN.com)

The CW finally revealed when they're going to start airing Riverdale! This mysterious take on the Archie comics is making us feel more excited and it hasn't even started yet. Date to remember: January 26. Ugh, can't wait for 2017!

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We know you've been waiting for this, Candy Girls. The first epic mash-up of 2016's biggest hits is here from Andy Wu! Listen to them below and relive all your 2016 ~*feels*~ in 10 minutes. (via iHeart.com)

Does attending a wedding together make things offish between you and your bae? We think it does because it's such a huge step for a couple! That's what went in our minds exactly when we found out that rumored new OTP Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner attended a wedding together and Nick Jonas uploaded a photo to prove it! Hmm, what do you think? As for us, we're already shipping them. Hee hee. (via Seventeen.com)


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