5 Things You Missed Today (May 25)

Don't miss today's updates on Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift's friendship, a deleted scene from Mean Girls, a peek at Scream Queens, One Direction singing backwards, and Willow Smith's latest song.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 25, 2015
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Wondering what's the best part about being on Taylor Swift's squad? It could be the inspiration you get from being just around empowering young girls. It could also be T-Swizzle's loyalty whenever you're under much criticism or are going through difficult times. But her BFF Karlie Kloss reveals that the best part about being on her team is getting to experience the music sensation's mad baking skills. The super model revealed it during her Instagram Q&A with Glamour Paris.


Ohh, fetch really does happen. After a few years since Mean Girls' release, we're finally getting a few deleted scenes. When you purchase the movie via iTunes, you'll get to also watch a few deleted scenes from the movie—one of which is this sequence which happens before the Spring Fling Queen was announced and Regina and Cady talk and forgive (FINALLY!) each other.

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Curious and excited for Scream Queens just like us? Here's a better look at what this series is going to offer us when it premieres later this year on FOX. Ugh, we can't wait!

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Have you ever heard One Direction sing their songs backward? Not yet? It's so amazing and you guys have to listen to it today for some LOLs.

After allowing the world to see her artsy music video for "F Q-C #7," Willow Smith lets us listen to her new hip-hop song "Weeping Wilough/Let's Go To Mecca." The 14-year-old musician revealed the song via SoundCloud earlier.

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