5 Things You Missed Today (May 12)

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 12, 2015
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This is the day you've been waiting for Jadine and Julinigo fans! Para Sa Hopeless Romantic premieres today and will start showing in cinemas tomorrow. PSHR stars James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, and Iñigo Pascual and is based on the book by Marcelo Santos III.

#PSHRPremiereNight: This is it show your support for JaDine @jaye.wolf and @nadzlustre tonight is the red carpet...

Posted by Viva Records on Monday, 11 May 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 also opens tomorrow. Are you ready for the Barden Bellas? We're pretty certain you are, but here's something to raise the excitement even more. Ester Dean a.k.a. Cynthia Rose's song "Crazy Youngsters" for the movie was released earlier and familiar faces graced the song's music video. There's Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and that German lady played by Flula Borg you've probably started hating already based on the trailers. Hit the play button to watch the music video now.

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As if that Scream: The TV Series trailer revealed during the 2015 MTV Movie Awards weren't enough to give us a fright, MTV released another one. And it's creepier than the first one because this time around, our favorite MTV characters like Scott McCall, Jenna Hamilton, Sadie Saxton, and many more were killed during a party. Hit the play button to watch the trailer below and mark your calendars because this TV series is set to premiere on June 30.

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Glee star and Lea Michele's late boyfriend Cory Monteith would have been 33 this year. During his birthday yesterday, Lea tweeted a touching tribute for him. Our hearts! BRB, there's something in our eyes right now. Sniff.

Renowned producer Kevin McCollum recently revealed that he's interested to turn The Devil Wears Prada into a musical. Wait, what? Yup, after musicals like Legally Blonde and Bring It On, it's this cult movie's turn to hit the stage. Ugh, don't you just want to see Miranda Priestly singing her lines during a run through or while bossing Andy around?


Meryl Streep GIFvia takejestemfajna.tumblr.com

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