5 Things You Missed Today (March 11)

Don't miss today's news on Karlie Kloss, Spider-Man, Insurgent, and #Zeddlena!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 11, 2015
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Ed Sheeran is already here in Manila, Candy Girls! The Brit singer arrived earlier today, and was greeted by warm smiles from fans and the airport crew who made sure he's safe. Ahh, we can't wait to watch him live at the SM MOA Arena tomorrow!

We have to hand it to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson who announced the release for Zoolander 2 by walking the Valentino runway during the Paris Fashion Week. No. Big. Deal. Zoolander 2 is set for release in February 2016, and while we're trying to patiently wait for the sequel, these casting rumors are making all of us go cray. Cara Delevingne's name has been consistently linked to the film and today we're getting another one. Rumors are going around that Karlie Kloss will also make her acting debut in the film. How true this is, we don't know yet. But here's hoping these two lovely gals really make it to the movie.


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Remember Ryan Potter, the guy whose voice gave life to Hiro's character in Big Hero 6? Looks like he wants to join the list of names who were reportedly being considered for the role of Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie. The actor tweeted a manipulated photo of him wearing the Spider-Man suit and he looks great in it. We'd totally go for this. What do you think of Ryan as the friendly neighborhood superhero, Candy Girls?

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Attention #FourTris fans: We have an exclusive clip from MTV News of one of your favorite pairings in the world. Watch these two interrogate Eric (Jai Courtney) when his attempt of raiding the compound where the "rebels" are currently staying fails. There's hardly any interaction between our OTP, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, but for now this will do. We can still keep ourselves sane until Insurgent premieres on March 19.


Have you seen Zedd and Selena Gomez's music video for "I Want You To Know" which was released earlier today? We hope not. You've got a lot of reminders to go and see it, including this clip from Sel's Instagram account. Make sure you watch the MV before the day ends, okay? 

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