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Don't miss today's updates on JaDine's relationship theme song, KathNiel caught holding hands, Chloe Moretz on Hollywood's beauty standards, Hiddleswift's latest vacay, and Shawn Mendes on his sexuality.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 27, 2016
Image: Carla Estrada | instagram.com/carlaford1121, Chloe Moretz | instagram.com/chloegmoretz, Shawn Mendes | instagram.com/shawnmendes, Taylor Swift | instagram.com/taylorswift, Viva
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During James Reid and Nadine Lustre's interview with members of the press for the MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016, the couple was asked about the best song that describes their relationship. It took a while for the two, who clearly loves music, to decide on that but James was the first one to speak up. "Off the top of my head, it's 'Firestone' by Kygo I love that song. I always use it as a caption in my Instagram page," he said. Naddie supported this after, saying, "Kasi it's a really, really nice song." They also revealed that their relationship's theme song is the song they used for their travel video, "Always" by Panama. (via PEP.ph)

Sneaky, sneaky! Teen queen Kathryn Bernardo and teen king Daniel Padilla were recently caught by a fan holding hands under the table. The two haven't really admitted the status of their relationship, but we're really convinced they've been official for a while now. Hee hee, happy for these two! (via ABS-CBN.com)


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After being spotted with Tom Hiddleston last week, Taylor Swift was spotted in England with the actor's mom. Over the weekend, they boarded a private plane and spent time with her. Now, she was spotted walking along the beach, hand in hand with her man. (via JustJaredJr.com)


In Chloe Moretz's interview with Elle, the actress revealed how she nearly got plastic surgery when she was 16 due to Hollywood's damaging standards of beauty. "When I was 16. I wanted a boob job," she explained. "I wanted the fat pad under my chin to be removed. I wanted a butt reduction, or whatever. And my mom said, 'Absolutely not, you're not allowed to have plastic surgery.' And because of that, I found a lot of power within my insecurities. They're what make me who I am now." She also revealed that it takes a lot of work and discipline to maintain how she looks now. But Chloe combats these beauty standards by sharing photos of herself as it is. "I try to not post Instagrams where I Facetune my face and I wear a ton of makeup. I want to be as natural as can be. And I want to break it down for young women so they understand that you're not just 'born' like this," Chloe said. You go, girl! (via Cambio.com)


Shawn Mendes finally talked about those rumors that he's gay in a recent video he uploaded on Snapchat. He found the need to speak up about the issue when trolls used the word "gay" in a derogatory manner to address him in the comments. Listen to his powerful words below. (via Dolly.com.au)


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