5 Things You Missed Today (June 16)

Don't miss today's updates on Ed Sheeran's duet with a fan, Pitch Perfect 3, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas's sweet photos, Demi Lovato as Smurfette, and Nick Jonas on Scream Queens.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 16, 2015
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Ed Sheeran just did the sweetest thing for a fan. His teenage fan got the surprise of her life when Ed himself came up onstage during her performance and sang "Thinking Out Loud" with her. BRB, you guys, we're trying to wipe the tears from our eyes. (via HuffingtonPost.com)

Missing the Barden Bellas already? Don't worry because we're finally getting the date for the release of Pitch Perfect 3! The third installment of the franchise is set to hit theaters on July 21, 2017. And what's even more perfect? Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks will be reprising their roles. (via RyanSeacrest.com

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Here's proof that Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas are actually (maybe) dating. These photos from The Daily Mail showed the two sharing kisses and embraces in Los Angeles just recently. Are you shipping them, too, just like us? (via DailyMail.co.uk)


Joe Jonas Gigi Hadidvia gihadid.tumblr.com

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Woohoo, Demi Lovato will be the voice behind Smurfette for the new fully-animated Smurfs movie. How cute! Get to know the other actors working on it right here. (via Facebook.com)

The world is going to #GetSmurfy in 2017! To celebrate #GlobalSmurfsDay, meet the new cast in this special greeting.

Posted by The Smurfs on Sunday, 14 June 2015

We've been super excited about Scream Queens lately because our favorite stars are on the show. So when Nick Jonas revealed a little bit about his character Nate, we're all ears. "I am similar to Nate in a sense in that I prefer to use my words carefully. In Scream Queens, I'm a bit more outspoken, and a touch on the sort of pr*ck side," he said. "That's the fun of being an actor, you can be a jerk sometimes." This would feel new to us because we're used to Nick being the good guy but we'll still watch it. (via Dolly.com.au)

Nick Jonasvia igniitethelight.tumblr.com


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