5 Things You Missed Today (June 14)

Don't forget to read today's updates on Taylor Swift's apartment, Nick Jonas's words on the Orlando shooting, Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona's new TV show, Justin Bieber's song for Christina Grimmie, and Christina's hacked Twitter account.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 14, 2016
Image: Elmo Magalona | instagram.com/elmomagalona, Facebook (Christina Grimmie, Nick Jonas), Justin Bieber | instagram.com/justinbieber, Vogue via YouTube
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Dealing with breakups is never easy. That's why when rumors that Taylor Swift is "cleansing" or renovating her gorgeous Tribeca apartment after her breakup with Calvin Harris, we totally understand. But there are also rumors that the hitmaker is currently shelling out US$40K to rent a place in NYC's West Village. The place looks beautiful, though, and really relaxing—something we think she'll really need while recovering from her heartbreak. (via The Cut)

In case you haven't heard, the mass shooting in Orlando targeting members of the LGBTQ community has brought our attention again to continue campaigning for love instead of hate—including embracing all kinds of love. During a vigil in NYC recently, Nick Jonas gave a touching speech to pay tribute to the survivors and victims of the incident. Listen to his words below and let's continue praying for the world and those who've been affected by the shooting. (via JustJared)


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Born for YouJanella Salvador and Elmo Magalona's first TV series together, is set to air on June 20 and we can't wait to watch it! But during the press launch for the show, the two were interviewed first on how they worked together and a lot of things. Janella revealed that she was a bit worried at first because she and Elmo were both quiet and shy, but they eventually started talking. When asked what's something new they can offer since there are already a lot of love teams in the country, the actress said, "Siguro with the loveteams, we're going to be more focused, not just in the acting but in the music din." (via PEP.ph)

Justin Bieber recently dedicated a song for the late Christina Grimmie during his Purpose Tour's stop in Winnipeg. The hitmaker couldn't help but get emotional while performing the song "Purpose" for the 22-year-old musician who died over the weekend. (via Teen Vogue)


Speaking of the late Christina Grimmie, someone hacked into the musician's Twitter account after her death. This is so not okay, you guys! The words "the end" were tweeted from the account, but was later removed and replaced by the official statement from the 22-year-old's manager. Rest in peace, Christina. (via Dolly)

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