5 Things You Missed Today (January 18)

Don't forget to read the latest on Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes's new duet, the Critics' Choice Awards, Brie Larson's 2000s music video, Rowan Blanchard identifying as queer, and Justin Bieber's new hair color.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 18, 2016
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Finally, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes revealed their new duet over the weekend. "Over and Over Again" is now available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes. (via Nylon.com)

Room's Jacob Tremblay didn't just win the Critics' Choice Awards for the Best Young Actor/Actress category earlier. He also won the hearts of people worldwide. The 9-year-old winner who stars in the adaptation of Emma Donoghue's novel of the same title with Golden Globes winner Brie Larson gave the cutest acceptance speech ever. "This is super cool. This is the best day of my life," he said. What a cutie! (via HollywoodReporter.com)

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And speaking of Brie Larson, did you know that this award-winning actress was a recording star back in the early 2000s? Yup, you read that right. She even recorded the song "Falling Into History," which was co-written by Avril Lavigne. Plus, she has a bunch of music videos too. (via BuzzFeed.com


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Girl Meets World star, feminist, and the wise Rowan Blanchard opened up on Twitter just recently about identifying as queer. Read her inspiring words below. Rowan's best friend Amandla Stenberg has also opened up in the past about being bisexual, both empowering moves that encourage acceptance and speaking out for the LGBTQ community. (via TeenVogue.com)

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So can we talk about Justin Bieber's purple hair? The "Love Yourself" hitmaker recently uploaded a series of photos showing off his new hair color. Hmmm. Lookin' good, Biebs. (via TeenVogue.com)

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