5 Things You Missed Today (December 5)

Perrie Edwards speaks up about her wedding with Zayn Malik, a 24-year-old broke J.K. Rowling's sales records—plus updates on Ian Somerhalder, Into the Woods, and Taylor Swift.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 5, 2014
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So what does Little Mix member and Zayn Malik's fiancée, Perrie Edwards think of the delay on their wedding? Seems like most people are so excited about these 2 tying the knot that every interview of One Direction and Little Mix has to have a Zerrie question. However, Perrie laid the rumors to rest by answering the question of when they're getting married calmly during an interview by Sugarscape at the Cosmo Ultimate Woman Awards, saying, "We have no idea. We're just going with the flow, we're just happy to be engaged and enjoying it. We'll get there eventually when we're not too busy to make it perfect." Aww, whatever Zayn and Perrie's decision on the date of their wedding is, we're surely going to support them all the way.

5 Things You Missed Today (December 5)via zashmalik.tumblr.com

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Oh NBD, just a 24-year-old author broke J.K. Rowling's sales record. Yup, you read that right. Zoe Sugg, or Zoella is a famous YouTuber who takes vlogs about fashion and beauty. With the release of her first book, Girl Onlinerecently, the sales of her books were bigger that the first week sales of Harry Potter. Now Girl Online is considered as the fastest-selling Brit book of this year. "It's such an amazing feeling,” she said. "I'm so grateful to everyone who has bought a copy of Girl Online. I love that so many of my viewers are enjoying the book! This year has been so exciting and this for sure is the icing on the cake." What an inspiring young lady!

Do you want to hang with Ian Somerhalder a.k.a. The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore all for a good cause? The actor launched the project earlier today, including a seven-step guide to sucking a blood, for the benefit of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. You only have a few hours left, so make sure you visit www.omaze.com/ian now!


A new audio clip from the movie, Into the Woods, was released recently and it features Anna Kendrick singing "On the Steps of the Palace" from the movie. Anna is playing Cinderella in this film adaptation of the famous musical. Set for release in January 2015, Into the Woods also stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, among others.

Taylor Swift went to another show of The 1975 recently amidst rumors linking her to the band's frontman, Matt Healy. T-Swizzle went to the gig with model BFFs, Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge, and even posted a photo on her Instagram. Could this be a sign that they are together? Or are we jumping the gun? Maybe Tay-Tay just enjoys listening to their music so much. We wouldn't blame her. Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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