Daniel Padilla Finally Talks About *That* Issue With Paul Salas

Hear it from the teen king.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 18, 2017
Image: Karla Estrada | instagram.com/karlaestrada1121
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Wondering why Daniel Padilla responded to that issue between their group and Paul Salas? Well, the teen king finally clears the whole thing in an interview with PEP. He tells them, "Ang sa akin lang, I don't tolerate things na gano'ng bagay. Para sa akin kasi, medyo nabastos lang ako." Daniel added, "Mas bata siya sa akinAko kasipagkatao ko bilang artistakapag may mas matandang artista sa akin, nirerespeto ko... May pinagsamahan pa namain kami, so hindi ko lang tinolerate yung mga gano'ng bagay."

The 22-year-old La Luna Sangre star also clarified that they won't be having that basketball match even if Paul says yes to it. "Huwag naHindi, practice muna silaAno lang 'yun, sa dami lang no'ng nangyarinakisabay pa siyaBilang artistadapat alam niya 'yun."

Aww, we hope these two will get the chance to talk things over soon and resolve their argument. (via PEP.ph)

OMG, there's a new trailer for Riverdale's second season and we're SHOOKT! And as it was revealed before, things are getting darker. We're starting to get scared for our favorite gang because it looks like Archie's taking matters into his own hands. Huhu, take care, Archiekins. (via TeenVogue.com)

Aww, it seems like we're not the only ones who are sad because the Philippine adaptation of My Love from the Stars has already ended. Gil Cuerva, who plays Matteo Do in the TV series, says that he feels the same way, too. However, he revealed in an interview with PEP that he'll be spending his time after his first project preparing for the next one.


"I'll just probably groom myself para sa next project, to better prepare myself," he says. "Para when the next project comes, ready na lahat."

Aww, we miss seeing you on TV, Gil, but we're definitely looking forward to your next one! ♥ (via PEP.ph)

We know you looove superhero series, Candy Girls, and Netflix knows that exactly! Which is why before you binge watch The Defenders, they're giving you a sneak peek at it first. Are you excited? Hit the play button below now and make sure you mark your calendars because The Defenders is coming to Netflix tonight at 11PM

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Is Justin Bieber singing about his ex Selena Gomez in "Friends"? Hmm, fans think so. For his song about life after a breakup, he collaborated with BloodPop and co-wrote the song with Warner/Chappell Music senior VP and co-head of A&R Katie Vinten. Listen to the song below and let us know what you think! (via Elle.com)

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