5 Things You Missed Today (August 15)

Don't miss the updates on Julia Barretto on IG, Selena Gomez on the breakup with Justin Bieber, the next movie that will make you cry, Harry Potter's doppelgänger, and Zayn's rumored book project.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 15, 2016
Image: Columbia Records, Justin Bieber | instagram.com/justinbieber, Lionsgate, Star Cinema, Warner Bros.
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Julia Barretto responded to a basher on Instagram who pointed out that she was reportedly just the second choice for the movie adaptation of Vince and Kath: A Social Serye. The basher said that she just replaced Janella Salvador in the movie and that she's not "as famous as you think yourself to be." Julia responded with positivity instead, saying, "You want to know how it makes me feel? It makes me feel motivated. To do good, so good, so I can prove a lot of people who attack me the same way you do wrong. I feel motivated to keep going, keep pushing, and keep trying until I become the person I have always dreamt myself to be. I will not let this negativity from you get the best of me. Instead I will thank you. Thank you for being another reminder not to give up. I will pray for you tonight and hope that tomorrow will be a better day for you. And I mean it." You go, Julia. Stop the negativity, you guys! (via PEP.ph)


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Okay, what is happing in Jelena world? This word war on social media is heating up! After Justin Bieber replied to ex, Selena Gomez's comment on his photo with Sofia Richie, Sel replied annnd confirmed that The Biebs cheated on her. Z O M G! Looks like Jelena is no more. :( (via Dolly.com.au)


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The next movie that's going to make you cry is almost here! From the author of Bridge to Terabithia comes The Great Gilly Hopkins, which stars The Book Thief's Sophie Nélisse. We're so excited for this! The Great Gilly Hopkins is set to hit theaters in October. (via MovieFone.com)

OMG, a guy just snapped a photo with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe but he looked more like Harry than Daniel! Even commenters noticed that he did look a lot like The Boy Who Lived. What do you think? (via TeenVogue.com)

Zayn Malik is reportedly working on a tell-all book! According to a source who talked to The Daily Mail, the book will be about One DirectionPerrie EdwardsGigi Hadid, and a lot more! "This book is going to be explosive and Simon [Cowell] will be furious with Zayn and may even try to stop it coming out. But Zayn is determined to reveal the secrets behind the clean image that was always so fiercely protected by the band's publicity machine," he said. Ohhh, sounds exciting... and scary, right? (via Dolly.com.au)


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