5 Things You Missed Today (August 12)

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 12, 2015
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Oh wow, how brave of you, Ed Sheeran. The Brit singer and songwriter recently revealed on Instagram that he just got a massive lion tattoo on his chest. The twist? He said it's not done yet and that it was painful (of course). (via RyanSeacrest.com)

Speaking of Ed Sheeran, here's the latest song he's written, which gives us the right to hand this year's Best in Promotion award to Justin Bieber. To tease his fans on the upcoming release of his song "What Do You Mean," he gathered a few big names (Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Ashley Benson, and more) on Instagram to tease his supporters for him. (via MTV.com


We know most (or all) of you are fans of the movie The Notebook, which was based on Nicholas Sparks's book. And why not? It starred Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling who had this incredible chemistry on screen. So when we read on our Feeds today that The CW is planning to turn it into a TV series, we got excited to share the news with you! Fine, there's probably no chance that the movie stars will headline the show, but we're looking forward on spending our nights falling in love and crying over episodes of this show. (via Spot.ph)

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Zac Efron's latest movie We Are Your Friends already made its premiere in London! Now the question is, when is it showing in the country because we really want to see Zac play the role of an aspiring DJ. (via MTV.com)

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Watching Jane the Virgin? Good news, you guys, because you'll be seeing a familiar face on its second season. Pop star Britney Spears will be appearing on the show as herself and Rogelio's number 1 "nemesis." (via MTV.com)


Missing Nina Dobrev already? Here's exciting info for all of you. The ex-Vampire Diaries actress is reportedly "pushing for a role" on the third season of the crime and mystery TV series True Detective. Nina has always been vocal about her love for the show, and we think she'd be perfect for it since she's used to working on stories with a lot of mystery. Riiight? (via HollywoodLife.com)

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