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by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 27, 2015
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The London Marathon happened recently and we spotted a few of our fave stars running for their causes during the event. One person that caught our attention though was Romeo Beckham, brother to cutie Brooklyn and son to stylish couple David and Victoria. The 12-year-old crossed the finish line recently and made mum and dad so proud, raising $9,100 for charity. He ran the children's marathon and raised funds for UNAIDS and 7 Fund. Congratulations, Romeo!


The Radio Disney Music Awards 2015 happened earlier and a lot of your favorite stars flocked to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles to attend the event that honors the best people who contributed to music and family in the past year. Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, and Sabrina Carpenter performed for the crowd that night. Meanwhile, singers Ariana Grande and Becky G bagged the most number of awards. Ari won Best Female Artist, Song of the Year (for "Problem"), and Radio Disney's Most Talked About Artist. Becky took home the awards for Artist With The Best Style and Catchiest Song (for "Shower"). Curious who else made it to the list of winners? You can go here.

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Speaking of Disney, Disney Channel also revealed the trailer to the Disney Channel Original Movie Disney Descendants. If you're wondering what happened to the villains of the Disney world (like Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella de Vil), their kids are here to tell you what went down. Disney Descendants, according to the Disney blog, centers on the kids who were raised in a land without magic called Isle of the Lost. But Belle and Beast's son Ben convinced his dad to let them all go to school like the rest of the heroes' kids. And "the villains see this at their chance at redemption, and the VKs see it as a chance to make their parents proud." Juicy plot, right? We can't wait to see this film later this year. Here's hoping they show this in the Philippines, too.

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After Bruce Jenner (dad to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, ICYDK) gave an emotional tell-all interview to Diane Sawyer about his transition to being a woman and how it has been difficult for him all these years, his family and many celebrities have been behind his decision and supported his choice—bringing attention to the fight for gender equality. One of thes celebs who expressed support for Bruce and his cause is Demi Lovato who even dedicated the song "Warrior" to Bruce whom she called a true "American hero." Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of us, Bruce!


If Harry Potter were the son of Lily and Professor Snape, this could be how he looks. LOL! Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy's photos from the set of Victor Frankenstein were released recently and it feels like we're seeing how things could have been in the Potter world. DanRad will be playing assitant to James's Dr. Frankenstein in the film. The photo looks a bit creepy because the story is too, but we're definitely going to watch this film when it premieres in theaters soon.

Victor Frankensteinphoto via Empire


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We know we said five but we just got reports regarding this very important announcement: Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed just got hitched! YOU GUYS, we're in a state of happy-sad (because we just lost our chance, huhu) shock because this happened nine months after they started dating and in a very small ceremony, too, where only their family and closest friends were invited. But of course, who are we to judge when Ian and Nikki looked so happy in these paparazzi shots of their wedding which spread like wildfire online today. Best wishes and congratulations, Nikki and Ian!

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