5 Things Blake Lively Loves About Green Lantern

Candy's June cover girl gushes about her costumes, working with Ryan Reynolds, and more.
  |  Jun 13, 2011
photos courtesy of DC/Warner Bros. Entertainment (Green Lantern)
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Upper East Side’s golden girl is back on the big screen as Carol Ferris, childhood friend of Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. Find out what Blake Lively enjoyed while shooting the movie, which will be out June 16.

  1. Working with Ryan Reynolds and the crew.
    “Ryan is funny and smart and perfect for the role. Martin (Campbell’s) direction is quick, dirty, close, and realistic. Bringing that realism to such a grand, fantastical idea is very important. I think all the different layers of people (that worked) on this film give it a really interesting tone.”
  2. Suiting up.
    “Oh my gosh, my outfits are incredible. (Ngila Dickson) is such a talented costume designer. She’s (an) Academy Award (winner) so that’s pretty huge! She has such a clear, strong vision, and it’s really important to her to make this movie modern and fashionable but still timeless, which is a hard thing to balance.”
  3. Playing her character Carol Ferris.
    “Carol is a very strong woman because she owns this business and she’s also a fighter pilot. There are a lot of layers to her personality... She learns to harness the power to channel love. It’s a sweet thing, being a romantic girl.”
  4. Going beyond her Gossip Girl role.
    “I love being in a movie this huge, and it’s really amazing to see each person at the top of (his or her) game. I just want to try doing something different from Gossip Girl because that’s still what I’m known for… I like discovering what I can do.”
  5. Improving her craft.
    “This is easier because there’s a comic book, so you know the arc of your character. In TV, you don’t know where your character is going to go. It’s harder to plan your evolution and your arc...(Acting for TV and for the big screen are) very different (from one another)... but I’m seeing that they’re helping my performances for each of them.”

Catch Green Lantern in cinemas on June 16.

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