5 Seconds of Summer Talk About Band Hiatus and the Crazy Things They Do for Fans

Our interview with 5SOS got a little serious.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 23, 2016
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During their Sounds Live, Feels Live concert in Manila last month, we got the chance to have a short chat with the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer. We already shared with you a few things we've talked about with them last time—being millennials, their Filipino fans, and even the embarrassing things that have happened to them on stage.

This time, we're revealing with you a few ~*serious*~ things we've talked about with them: the crazy things they've done for their fans, their Filipino connection, and hiatus, since their 1D friends are taking a break already we just had to ask about what they feel about it.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for a fan?

Ashton: We probably do that every day, yes. We always try to get out of our way. We sacrifice our entire personal life for our fans. There's not much left to give, really, which is fine with us.


Michael: We put up this thing called Derp Con, this thing where we flew in a bunch of fans. We flew them to Atlanta and we've actually seen a couple of fans from the Philippines there. We flew them out and they came and had a good time.

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Any stories about interacting with Filipinos or Filipino fans?

Ashton: I have a cool story. We actually work with a wonderful human, her name is Gabby. She's from the Philippines and we've been working with her since day one, when we started in Australia. Going back further, my first interaction with a Filipino was this guy in my school. He was in a drama. Still one of the best dramas I've seen. His name is Ron. He kinda taught me a lot of the drumming I know today. We actually have a large Filipino community in Australia.

Luke: I remember on the first day of school. I had no friends and they put a couple of kids with no friends in a 'no friends' seat. The new kids. My first friend in school was a Filipino by the name of Fui.


What do you think about bands taking a break? How does this make you feel?

Ashton: When another band recognizes that they need to take a break, it's actually really brave and a conscious thing to do. If you end up running your band to the ground and end up hating what you do, you shouldn't do that. That's crucial, you know, to be aware of where your band is at and be aware of where you could possibly go one day. If that means taking a breakfor a second, it's actually the smartest thing to do. It's actually smarter than releasing new music.

Michael: If you don't take a break sometimes then it may be worse. You'll start hating your band and you'll never come back together. You don't even have good memories of the band. I think knowing when your band doesn't need to be a band for a while is important.


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