5 Seconds of Summer on Their Pinoy Fans, Being Millennials, and More

The boys were perfect, of course, during their first Manila concert!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 14, 2016
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How was your weekend, Candy Girls? Hope you had a lovely one just like us. Speaking of lovely weekends, we have four lads to thank for our good vibrations this morning—Ashton, Calum, Luke and Michael a.k.a. the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer.

Last Saturday, the boys finally came by the Philippines for the Sounds Live Feels Live tour. They gave a smashing performance on their first time in the country, and even promised they'd try to come back as soon as they can. Aww. 

We got to chat with the boys for a few minutes before they went on stage. Check out what we talked about with them below:

  1. How's your stay in the Philippines so far?

    Ashton: "It's been good. We've been wanting to come here since we started the band. Our fan base grew here as quick as it did in Australia, which is crazy. So it's exciting to be here finally."

  2. What have you heard about your Filipino fans?

    Ashton: "When we first started releasing EPs—those that weren't very good, there were a couple of songs—when we were first releasing them, the Philippines, that was the first interaction we had and fan bases we had. We realized we can actually have a fan base overseas. It was the Philippines first."

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  3. What are the most embarrassing things that happened to you on stage?

    Michael: "I got burned by fire; that was pretty embarrassing. I also sprained my ankle. Calum ripped his pants. There's been some stage catastrophies. Ashton's broken his drum kit many times. We said the wrong city once. The one I remember was [saying] Las Vegas in Los Angeles. And by 'we' I mean 'me.'"

  4. Being millennials yourselves, what can you say about the stigma on this generation?

    Ashton: "I think it's different in the sense that as young people, we're more in touch with each other. So for instance, when you asked a question about what we heard about our Filipino fans, you can ask our fan from another country and you might get similar answers because we're aware of each other. More than the older generation is. I think that's an important thing when understanding diffrent cultures. The hardwork thing? I don't know about that. People work hard. I mean, we do. We did. And we want to keep working hard."

    Michael: "As we toured around Asia, as well, each country is very different. Ashton pointed this out that even if they speak different language to us, we're still very similar in our generation and our culture. It's really interesting that we get to travel the world and see all that. We've always put out that messsage to people."

  5. What are the weirdest rumors you've heard about you?

    Ashton: "There's been some funny ones that I had a couple of kids somewhere, a couple of wives..."

    Michael: "There's this weird one about me and Miranda Kerr. No comment. That's my personal life and I'd like to keep it that way if possible." (Michael was kidding when he said this, okay? Hehehe.)

    Luke: "The problem with the Internet is most people can say anything. I feel like a lot of things people say in the Internet, they can't say to your face. Pretty terrible."

    Michael: "They call them keyboard warriors."
  6. If you weren't in a band today, what would you be doing?

    Michael: "I'd be this tree. This would symbolize my job. I would sit under and be content with waiting, just seeing what's going to happen to me."

    Calum: "It's hard to say until we joined this band when we were 15 years old. I kind of put all my eggs in one box. Probably something to do with music still. I hope so."

    Ashton: "That's the thing. You don't give yourself another option. Why give yourself another option if the only thing you want to do is right there. You just go for it. I think I didn't even have a plan B. I was just like, 'Let's go for this and see what happens.' We could fail but we'd still be a band, regardless. We'd be playing to two people and we'd still probably be a band. It's just things happen in a really crazy way."

  7. What's something you can't live without when you're touring, aside from your black skinny jeans?

    Ashton: "Mine are actually getting less skinny. As I look older, I'm like, 'You're getting older now, buddy. Probably loosen up.'"

    Michael: "Guitar, it's pretty important."

    Luke: "But you know what we really need, I think a really underrated part of the tour is the mic stand..."

    Ashton: "A masseuse."

    Michael: "That's a great point, Ashton!"

    Calum: "You know what's more important than the mic stand? The mic."

    Michael: "You know what's more important? The PA where the mic comes off."

    Calum: "Yeah, but you know what's more important than that? The band member."

    Luke: "The fan girls. We definitely won't be on tour without the fans."

    Ashton: "It's called the circle of life."

5 Seconds of Summer's Sound Good Feels Good is still available via iTunes.

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