5 Relationship Lessons From On the Wings of Love That You Should Always Keep In Mind

All the things we were reminded of as Clark and Leah's relationship is put to the test.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 12, 2016
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This week, On the Wings of Love is giving us a lot of things to re-examine. We thought they'll just shake things up between James Reid's Clark and Nadine Lustre's Leah when they brought them towards opposite directions, but they didn't. They actually gave us episodes that made us rethink everything we know about relationships and the difficulties that come with being in one. In case you're too angry (LOL!) or too stressed because of the recent episodes, here's a list to point out these five relationship reminders from On the Wings of Love that we should keep in mind at all times when we're also dealing with our own relationships.

  1. Trust your gut.

    If you feel that something's not right between the two of you, then there's a big chance that there actually is. It will be hard to start talking about the issue with your guy, but it's necessary so your relationship can make it through.

  2. Be patient and understanding.

    It won't always be happy and kilig. There will be days and even weeks when things between the two of you get rocky, when you'll be fighting and arguing, and when the bad days just seem to last forever. But those days are not reasons to give it up. No matter how angry or annoyed you are, always be patient—with the relationship and with the other person. He's not perfect and you aren't, too, which brings us to the next reminder...

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  3. Always look at everything from the other person's perspective.

    You are hurting and your heart is broken, but don't think that he's having it easy. He's going crazy for sure, too. Whatever you're feeling, he's probably feeling the same way. Don't ever think that you're in the relationship alone, because he's surely trying to figure out a way to solve the problem as well. Look at things from his perspective, think about what you'd do if you were in his place, and start from there. Meet him in the middle instead of waiting for him to come around. We've said it already, you're in this relationship together and if you're going to sit around and just wait for him to act, nothing's going to change.

  4. Don't talk when you're both in a foul mood.

    It's normal to get mad and annoyed at each other but when you know the fight is already heating up, stop right then and there. No matter how hard it is to swallow your pride and stop talking about how disappointed you are, stop. You'll end up saying things that you don't really mean and things that might only cause the argument to get worse. Stay silent for a while, ask for a time out, ask him to talk about it again once the anger dies down. Don't damage the relationship permanently just because you lost your temper for a moment there. 

  5. Be willing to communicate.

    No matter how angry you are, always be willing to talk to him about it and solve the problem together. Tell him your problems, your worries, your fears. Tell him all about the good things and the bad things. And don't forget to listen when it's his turn to talk. And when we say listen, really listen—listen to him not because you want to insist that you're right and he's wrong, listen to him because his reasons are as valid as yours. Then when all is said and done, be ready to compromise and sacrifice.


It's been a heavy and heartbreaking week for fans of OTWOL, but hold on you guys—the way Clark and Leah are trying to (LOL, we just went there!). We're sure that, as what Tita Jack said, when the time comes, they'll arrive at a decision when they both found themselves already. Also, stop hating on the characters. Nadine tweeted that, too. It's always easy to judge things when you're looking at it from the outside. 

On the Wings of Love airs Mondays to Fridays after Pangako Sa 'Yo on ABS-CBN.

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