5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Encantadia

Avisala, Candy Girls.
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Aug 3, 2016
Image: GMA ART Clare Magno
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Everyone loves a good throwback—just look at all the reboot shows and movies in Hollywood. Here we have Encantadia, the reboot of the 2005 fantasy series about four Sang'gres who are keepers of the four gemstones that hold the balance of the land of Encantadia. Like all good fantasy stories, it is at its heart a story about family, friendship, and the necessary balance of good and evil. Here are five reasons why you should watch it on GMA or catch up on iFlix.

  1. Girl power.

In the magical land of Encantadia, people bow down to the queen. The ruler and protector of the kingdom can never marry, but she can have children, who are taught how to fight and use their magical powers at an early age. No damsels in distress, the Sang’gres are tasked to protect the kingdom, keep the peace, and use their gemstones (earth, water, fire, air) wisely.

  1. Sister love and rivalry.

One of the Sang'gres will be crowned queen one day, and this is a great source of conflict between two of them. No matter how deep the bond is, anyone who has a sibling has probably felt, at some point, envious of the other—it could be about something as simple as who got a new toy to a bigger issue like who seems to be the favorite. In one corner, you've got Pirena, the eldest who through nature and nurture is the most power-hungry of all the sisters. She has always felt second best to Amihan, the second eldest and only daughter of their mom and her one true love. Add magical powers and a whole kingdom to rule into the mix and you've got explosive family drama just waiting to be lit.

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  1. Whole new world.


All the characters in your storybooks come out to play in the land of Encantadia. They also speak a language of their own, which you'll have fun using IRL! 

  1. Sailor Moon vibes.

They don't do this every time they change into their warrior gear, but doesn't it remind you of the Sailor Moon transformation scene? Pretty cool! And when they're just chilling in the palace, the Sang'gres also give us major braid and hair crown goals.


  1. Our August cover girl is here!

Gabbi Garcia plays Sang'gre Alena, keeper of the water gem, singer of the family, and resident hopeless romantic. She has never wanted the throne as she would rather spend her life with her true love (played by Gabbi’s love team partner, Ruru Madrid). She's just met him and their meet cute is straight out of a rom-com—which Alena would know by heart if they had rom-coms in Encantadia!


Are you also watching Encantadia? What are your favorite scenes so far? Tell us in the comments section below!

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