5 Reasons Why Shadowhunters Has Us Hooked

Shadowhunters are the new squad to beat!
by Dyan Zarzuela   |  Jan 18, 2016
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Shadowhunters, the TV adaptation of the best-selling book series The Mortal Instruments, is now here, and we're starting to become obsessed with it the way we did when The Vampire Diaries first came out! It's not perfect and of course it's not 100% faithful to the book source, but that's all part of the fun. Here are five reasons why this show is a must-watch.

  1. The TV format gives the rich mythology of the books more room to breathe. Here are the basics: Shadowhunters protect human beings from demons and draw power from rune symbols. Our main heroine Clary Fray finds out on her 18th birthday that she's not just any ol' mundane (read: human)—she's actually a very powerful Shadowhunter. She's welcomed to the Shadow World by one of the best in the business, Jace Wayland, who happens to be super cute, just like his other Shadowhunter buddies. Together they encounter warlocks, shape-shifting demons, werewolves, and other supernatural beings. Long story short: all the stories are true!

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  2. Just because they're supernatural, doesn't mean they don't have very human problems. If you've read the books or seen the movie adaptation starring Lily Collins, you're probably familiar with the complicated love polygon that practically everyone's a part of. The love triangle of Jace, Clary, and her best friend Simon is just the tip of the iceberg!

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  3. The Shadowhunters give us major squad goals. They're fiercely protective of their ward (the human race) and each other, and they use their power for good. They can be pretty intimidating for an outsider, but once you gain their trust, you have allies for life. It also doesn’t hurt that they look really cool in their all-black, leather OOTDs and tattoo-like runes!


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  4. The Shadow World is a fantastical wonderland. An old abandoned church that is actually the high-tech Shadowhunter HQ, the ghost town of Chernobyl that houses the biggest threat to the human race and his goons—these are just a couple of examples of how the Shadow World collides with ours. Makes you think of all the possibilities out there!

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  5. All the familiar faces will make your head explode. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but look at this lineup and see for yourself. Katherine McNamara from The Fosters is Clary Fray; Dominic Sherwood from Vampire Academy and Taylor Swift's "Style" music video is Jace Wayland; Matthew Daddario from Naomi and Ely's No-Kiss List, who's also the brother of Percy Jackson's Alexandra Daddario, is Alec Lightwood; and Harry Shum Jr. from Glee is Magnus Bane. Watch for fresh face Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood—the sassy Shadowhunter is super fun to watch!

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