5 Movies You Should Watch This Holy Week

It is always a good idea to watch movies, especially during the long weekend.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 3, 2015
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It's a long weekend for most of you, Candy Girls, and while some of you may be going somewhere, a number of you may also find yourself stuck at home not knowing what to do. But we've come up with a little something to help you deal with that. Why don't you spend time watching these great inspiring films this long weekend? After all, this time of the year is perfect for reflecting on what you have said and done during the past year and learning valuable lessons from them that will make you a better you. These movies will surely help you understand and think of your life better. Happy watching!

 1  The Blind Side

Reflect on: What makes all of us different and what makes all of us the same. Just because we live in different places, like different things, speak different languages, and have different skin colors doesn't mean that we should stop caring about each other. We all live in one planet and take in the same air to breathe. Our lives are interconnected and you might not realize that now. Always extend your hand to people who need it because most of the time, one small gesture can actually change a person's whole life.

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Watch it with: Your family for a good crying sesh. Not even ten minutes into the movie, you will find yourself reaching for a box of tissues because your heart won't be able to take the ~feels~ from this movie.

 2  Wild

Reflect on: Your whole life. There may be certain decisions you feel bad about or things that may have hurt you, but always remember that you need to let go at some point. You may have bad days, but you have good days, too. Live your life with those good memories at heart and you'll surely find yourself feeling lighter and happier. Stop regretting the choices you've made because believe it or not, they'll always, always shape you to be the best person you can become.

Watch it with: Yourself. Make this a great time for you to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings.

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 3  Speak

Reflect on: How you should stop judging others. Admit it, you are oftentimes very judgmental about the people around you especially someone who seems really different from the people you have gotten so used to.  Remember that we are all different fom each other. Just because another person has unusual preferences about things doesn't mean her weird. There are even moments when they're that way because something happened to them in the past that changed the way they view things and react to particular situations in life. Make a pact with yourself that you'd aoid judging people just because they're not like you.

Watch it with: With your BFFs. It's a nice way to be reminded that you should avoid being mean to people around your circle and that you should all have each other's backs whatever happens.

 4  Pay It Forward

Reflect on: Being kind. Big or small, one good deed can actually change the world.  There are times when get discouraged about doing things because they're not good enough. That shouldn't and should never be the case. A simple and small act of kidness can touch a person's heart and inspire him to do the same for another person. It may seem small, but once time passes, you'll realize just what big of an impact it can make.


Watch it with: Yourself. You'll surely be ugly-crying, really ugly-crying during the last minutes of the movie. No amount of chocolate or ice cream will stop you from having ~*feels*~ after.

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 5  The Pursuit of Happiness

Reflect on: What your parents have done for you. Admit it, you tend to act like a brat towards your parents most of time. There are even moments when they won't or can't give you what you want and you feel like not talking to them just because you're upset. You're too busy nursing your wounded heart that you forget about all their sacrifices just to give you the life you've always wanted. 

Watch it with: Your mom and dad because throughout the movie, you'll surely want to give them a hug to tell them you're thankful for everything they've done for you and your family.


Have a meaningful holy week with your loved ones, Candy Girls!

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Which movies are you watching? Let us know in the comments or talk to us via Twitter @candymagdotcom. :)

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