5 Movies Where Girls Defy the Friendzone

Here's a list of movies about girls who finally got out of the friendzone status and won the attention of their crush. Are they lucky or what?
by Pam Carlota   |  Oct 9, 2016
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Who doesn't like a strong heroine? A strong heroine partnered with a happy ending just wins the jackpot. Listed are the movies you might want to watch, which contain cute and loveable stories where girls get their happy endings—even when the world looks to be against them. We might even learn a thing or two on how to get out of the friendzone defined by our crush. And it doesn't hurt to have a cute male lead to stare at for the next 2 hours of the movie. ;)

  1. Wild Child

This movie revolves around Poppy Moore, who loses her way when she lost her mom, and her dad tries to remarry. As punishment for going too far with a prank, she's sent to an all-girls boarding school in England. There, she meets a handsome boy named Freddie, and falls for him. Bad news for her because he's the headmistress's son and is not such an easy catch. But all's well when Poppy gets her happy ending. We just can't help but swoon over a young Alex Pettyfer!


"Oh, cards on the table! Are you gay?" —Poppy

"No, just English." —Freddie

  1. Flipped

A story about first love where the girl falls for the boy next door. This film shows the perspective of the two leads, Julie Baker and Bryce Loski, showing how Julie experiences her first crush, and how Bryce despises it. But things literally flip when the male lead who once hated her, catches the ~lovebug~.

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  1. A Cinderella Story

The plot revolves around two pen pals, Sam Montgomery and Austin Ames, who eventually meet at the school dance and fall in love. Problem is, they were wearing masks, and the guy turns out to be the most popular jock in school. With Sam, knowing who he is, she has a Cinderella moment and is faced with the problem of how to make Austin feel the same way about the girl he met at the dance with the plain old Sam.


  1. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging is a coming-of-age story of a 14-year-old girl named Georgia Nicholson. As she plans a big birthday party of her own, she also tries her best to catch the eye of a very good-looking person. Something she does might have done the trick because the guy is very much in love!

  1. Love, Rosie

Last but not the least is the friendzone of all friendzones: Love, Rosie. The story revolves around friendship, first love, and missed opportunities. It was almost too late for these two when the guy, Alex, was set to get married. Thankfully, fate was on Rosie's side and she and her beau managed to get out of the friendzone and step up to lovers.

Which of these movies are you going watch immediately? Let us know in the comments!

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