5 Microsoft Word Hacks Every Student Should Know About

Save some time with these tricks.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 30, 2020
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Desktop programs are very crucial to the everyday life of students because it's where they usually get their work done. It's best to be equipped with enough knowledge about how to navigate through them to save some time. 

If you're working on your thesis or just writing up a paper for class, Microsoft Word would probably be your go-to program. While it's relatively easy to use, it has a lot of features that can potentially make your life easier as a student, you just have to know how to use them. Microsoft Office even listed a few of these useful tricks on their website. Below, we list down the five important hacks every student should know about: 

Utilizing the Office Clipboard

Usually, we can only paste the last thing we copied, so we'd usually have to go back and forth when copying and pasting from more than one document. The Office Clipboard feature might be the best solution for that. This allows you to not only paste the last item you copied; it can hold up to 24 items from other Office documents and programs so you can paste them in your current document.


To access the Office Clipboard on Word, Click Home and then click the Clipboard icon. It will open as a sidebar which displays the last 24 items you've copied.

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Track changes made 

When you want to easily spot and review which changes have been made in one document, you can turn on the Track Changes feature. To do so, head to the Review tab, go to Tracking, and click Track Changes. This will mark every change that's been made on the document for easier tracking. For instance, deletions will show up with a strikethrough, additions will show up with an underline, and changes made by different authors are distinguished by using different colors.  

Saving your own formatting

Some classes require a certain type of formatting for every submission. To make it easier for you to format a paper or document, save that particular formatting so you can apply it with just one click the next time you need to use it. To do so, select the text you want to be formatted and apply the format manually. You can change the font, size, and style. Once done, select the text and a toolbar will appear on top. On the toolbar, click Styles, and then click Create A Style to save this format.  


Compare document differences

If you want to see the differences between two documents, you can use the legal backline option. This will display the changes made between two documents in a third window. To do this, open the documents you wish to compare. Head to the Review tab and click Compare. A mini window will pop up. On the Original Document option, select the original document you wish to use as reference. On the Revised Document option, select the document you wish to compare, and then click OK to start.

Making your own keyboard shortcuts

It's easier to get things done with keyboard shortcuts, and if your know-how on Microsoft Word shortcuts is a bit limited, you can just create your own. To do this, go to the File tab > click Options > Customize Ribbon. At the bottom of the pane, click Customize... A new window will pop up which will show you which commands you can assign to a certain keyboard shortcut of your choosing.



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