5 in 5: Robi Domingo

Can the Candy Cutie answer our five questions in less than five minutes?
by Mae Pascual   |  Oct 28, 2011
photo by Kervin Luy
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  1. What's the best thing about performing for your fans? Seeing those smiles from the audience. Those bright smiles give me a reason to live. (laughs) It gives me something to live for and to die for.
  2. What's the most challenging part about being an actor and a host? Acting and hosting are two different entities. When it comes to acting, it's challenging to cry and get those emotions out. For hosting, it's challenging to think of the best spiel.
  3. What's your pig-out food? Pizza, burgers, and ice cream.
  4. What do you want to accomplish before you turn 40? Before I turn 40, I want to be complete. (laughs) I want to finish my studies, I want to become a doctor, and I want to join the Ironman.
  5. Fill in the blank. I am a performer because ________. I am a performer because I can make people smile. 

Time: 1:33

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