5 in 5: Joyce Pring

Get to know this energetic DJ better as she tells you things about her job in this video!
by Alyssa Jose, Ces Tan   |  Nov 22, 2014
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We got to chat a bit with #CandyFair2014 host and radio DJ, Joyce Pring, while she was backstage. This ball of energy just keeps on amazing us and giving us a lot of good vibrations. Hit the play button to watch her talk about her job,what she wants Candy Girls to know, and more.

  1. What's the best part of hosting this year's Candy Fair? "Well this year's fair is amazing because I was able to host it with Justin Quirino, so that was an amazing experience... Sinabi ko lang yun kasi katabi ko siya right now. So ngayon, for me to actually share the main stage was a whole surreal experience, and it's great to be able to do this for the Candy Girls and meet the Candy Cuties as well."

  2. What do you love about hosting? "The best part about being a host is meeting new people, having new experience, and making people happy in general, hopefully. Hopefully I make them happy, I'm not sure ha, pero feeling ko naman okay naman. 'Di naman ako binabato ng kamatis on stage, so pwede pa. Wala pa namang nagagalit sa'kin, so pwede pa. And of course being able to represent my radio station, which is Magic 89.9, which is amazing because you get to work with amazing people, like… Justin. May hesitance."

  3. Tell us about working on the music video for "Tulala." "Shooting the music video was quite fantastic because it was my first time to do a music video, for myself. And I've always had music video experiences with my friends, with their own songs, tapos nakikisali lang ako doon, para akong saling kitkit doon sa music videos, so it's nice to actually be able to release something that's mine talaga. So it was quite an experience, and it's always great to have music in your blood and at the same time to create it and to share with other people, is good."

  4. What are the things you are working on right now? "Well this year, I am doing this music thing with my band. We're a band called Group Hug, so if you go to our gigs, we will give you a group hug if you want it, so that's our niche. Writing a book actually, under ABS too, so I'm goning to do that. And then, still being a DJ for Magic, and hosting live events. And being an all around ball of energy!"

  5. What do you want to tell the Candy Girls? "To all the Candy Girls out there, you guys are amazing! Thank you for making every year of Candy Fair amazing and of course, building your friendship. I think that's why Candy Mag is amazing, because parang you get to meet new people and make friends and of course see girls who love the same cuties and who love the same hobbies, and who love the same kind of music or art or whatever it is that you do. To all the Candy Girls, stay true, stay gold, and be a cutie!"

What questions would you ask Joyce if you got a chance to talk to her? Share them with us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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