5 in 5: Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Can the actress answer our five questions in less than five minutes?
  |  Oct 14, 2011
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  1. Describe your personal style. I don't really have a specific one yet. I guess it's just really laidback. I'm not the type to dress up really kikay. I just throw on whatever I feel like putting on. Very simple: shorts, top, and flats or tsinelas.
  2. How do you balance school and work? I live in Australia and I have school there, but when I'm here, I have work. I find it manageable because they're separate worlds. When I'm working, school doesn't really bother me unless I have homework. Back in Australia, I don't have to worry about work because I don't work there. I just wait for updates of anything I might be doing here and just go full out when I’m here.
  3. Which local actor do you want to work with? I want to work with Mr. Jericho Rosales because I’ve seen him work with Ate and I know how much of a good person he is. He's so good at what he does and he’s super guwapo so why not, ‘di ba? I know he’s, like, too old for me to be paired up with. Sila na bahala pumili or mag-decide if he's too old for me, but I'd love to work with him. Also, of course, I'd love to work with my Ate. It'd be nice to see what it's like to be on the same set as her and to throw lines with someone you’re related to. For now, I think it's weird but we’ll see if that could happen.
  4. What's your dream role? I want to be like Natalie Portman in Black Swan. She's so amazing in that. She really trained hard for it. I've always wanted to be a professional ballerina. I hope one day I can do something like that. You never know; I might audition in Hollywood and achieve that!
  5. What advice have you received from your sister Anne? Every day, she checks up on me and gives me advice on how to handle myself. If I'm going to do something, make sure I'm doing my best at it. Don't just settle for "That's all I can do." Make sure I gave it my all, my heart. Also, be careful of how you act and whom you're friends with.

Time: 3:31

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