5 in 5: Coleen Garcia

Can Coleen answer our five questions in less than five minutes?
  |  Jul 14, 2011
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  1. What's your favorite part about shooting Good Vibes?
    The fact that we're all really close. We're all pretty much the same age and we all get along well so it doesn't feel like it's work. We're all just having fun with each other and at the same time, we're all learning together. Most of us are new in showbiz. 
  2. How well do you relate to your character Monique in Good Vibes?
    Monique isn't a girly girl and I'm not really much of a girly girl either. Growing up, I was always one of the boys... Like Monique, I'm also very guarded. I don't open up to people easily.
  3. Can you share some tips you've gotten from your mentors or fellow celebs?
    Always give your best, pray, and make sure na everything you do, you do it sagad. Don't settle with okay lang ‘yon. You have to give it your best all the time. 
  4. What are your school-related plans?
    I went to Southville (International School and Colleges) because I was offered a full scholarship there. I took a business course but I realized that I'm happier and better off with an art course because I've always (leaned towards) the creative side. I want to take up multimedia arts. The best school I could think of for that here in the Philippines is the College of Saint Benilde. They're very lenient when it comes to showbiz so it would work out for me.
  5. Which foreign celeb are you crushing on?
    I really like Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. (I like) simple guys as opposed to the blonde, blue-eyed (type).

Time: 2 minutes and 17 seconds

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