5 in 5: Alex Diaz

We catch up with this cutie while he was backstage at the #CandyFair2014.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 29, 2014
INTERVIEW Alyssa Jose/Rebecca Tan
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We got to talk to Alex Diaz during the #CandyFair2014 and we asked him a few things, like what gives him an adrenaline rush (one of them involves you, Candy Girls!) and the 3 women he finds beautiful (you'll get kilig when he mentions his number one). Hit the play button now to know more about Alex.

  1. You have the chemical symbol for adrenaline tattooed on your right arm, so what gives you an adrenaline rush? "I guess, tulad no'ng ginawa ko kanina sa stage, dancing and just being here at the Candy Fair, definitely it’s an adrenaline rush."
  2. Is there anything you'd want to do aside from acting? "I love hosting. It's always fun to peek and broaden [your knowledge], and you always learn something new from it so definitely hosting. And maybe singing."
  3. Who are the top 3 most beautiful women for you? "Number three would have to be for me, Zia Quizon, her voice. Number two is definitely Maja Salvador. I love you Maja! And number one is Chiena Filomeno. She's going to be in The Bet soon, so watch out for her."
  4. What's your dream role? "My dream role would definitely have to be, I think a killer pero bida. Parang Dexter, yung gano'n."
  5. What are the qualities of your dream girl? "Qualities of my dream girl: Iyong trend kasi ngayon diba lahat nagpapaikli. Ako kasi, for me, mahaba buhok, really long hair, chinita dapat talaga, and then gusto ko yung corny na babae, yung mauuna yung tawa niya bago mag-joke siya, or after ng joke, siya mauunang tumawa gano'n."

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